Stronger Than Pride

The CD Stronger Than Pride, announced in June, is out now. The CD contains the February 23, 1972 Dinner Show.

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blackdiamond (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 28, 2012report abuse
I've heard the sound of the cd and it is really horrible. The most absurd thing you hear on the cd are the "bonus" tracks and they were stolen from regular RCA albums if you'd ask me! We don't need this kind of trash
snowplow floater (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 5, 2012report abuse
Fair play to thr bootleggers, they usually come up with really cool covers, a shot like this one or similar would have looked great on 'Love Letters from Elvis' or 'Elvis Now'.
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 5, 2012report abuse
This would look great on my shelf... But that's it...
TCB1974 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 4, 2012report abuse
Agree Boxcar. Bootlegs were very exciting to buy in the 90's and beginning of this century as they offered opportunities to hear Elvis concerts from tours and engagements that RCA did not release anything from. Today we have so many concerts and alternate recordings that bootlegs indeed lose value and are not needed anymore, especially with the FTD label providing concerts and alternate takes for the collectors. The FTD label and regular releases are enough for me, especially with great releases like Big Beat, Boy from Tupelo and soon Prince from Another Planet.
Boxcar (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 4, 2012report abuse
Look on Ebay what vinyl-bootlegs get as highest bidding. 5 Euro, 7 Euro .. no bidding. I have bootlegs like the Pittsburgh show or April Fool's Day", and I paid 100 Euro for them each. Today you hardly get one bid for these products on Ebay. And now I shall spend money to get another useless senseless record to stand beside my other 300 worthless vinyl-bootlegs just to get the show on CD? Like the announcement says: They even hope to succeed so they can start a series with releases like that. A series with audience vinyl. This must be a nightmare.
Boxcar (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 3, 2012report abuse
An audience record on vinyl? OMG stop this trash.

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