Stepbrother In Town

Elvis Presley's stepbrother will appear on the Kelly Show later this month as part of the all-Ireland evangelical 'Power to Change' campaign. Rick Stanley, whose mother married Vernon Presley after Elvis' mother died, is one of America's most respected evangelists. He was brought up in Graceland from the age of six and travelled with Elvis as his personal aide and bodyguard. He has lived through the trauma of a broken home and addiction to alcohol and drugs. When Elvis died in 1977, Rick thought his world had ended. Through a high school friend, he was invited to church where he had a powerful conversion experience. Rick was invited to stay with the pastor, and with his guidance, he read the Bible on a daily basis. God called Rick into the ministry in 1978 and later that year he married Robyn, the friend who invited him to church. An excellent Christian communicator, he will speak at an evening presentation and dinner in the Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast, on Thursday, October 17.
Source: Belfast Telegraph / Updated: Oct 6, 2002 
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