Starstruck Through Elvis

A new Australian talent show, which asked participants to dress up as their favorite artist and mimic them, found that the multi Grammy winning singer Norah Jones was the artist that most people chose to mimic. 'Memphis Star' Elvis Presley was the other favorite with contenders. According to The Herald Sun, pop icons Kylie Minogue and Michael Jackson were also mimicked by a lot of people. The participants are all wannabe singers who are taking part in the contest 'StarStruck,' which will pick out the best mimic and launch there pop career.
Source: Google / Updated: Dec 16, 2004 
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nat_rat65 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 17, 2004report abuse
Eddie, I'm sure that a more than a few people would be interested in the news. Starstruck is tipped to be a show thats going to be popular amongst teens, and any show that introduces young people to Elvis Presley is worth it.
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 17, 2004report abuse
kangaroo dung. Who is interested in this garbage. Why post it in the first place.

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