Star-sprangled Spectacular Bicentennial '76

Here is a promo clip for the upcoming Gravel Road release.

Updated: Dec 31, 2012 

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Orion (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 15, 2013report abuse
Has anyone received a copy of this one ? Placed an order, but haven't received it, yet....
Dazman (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 4, 2013report abuse
Viva: me too on that one !! I've noticed that the standard of FTD's SB releases have really improved since 2010, namely since the releases of High Sierra & Showtime (except for Amarillo '77) and it's a wise strategy for the long term. From the '72 gig it strikes me as to why the 2nd,3rd & 4th songs are missing from all bootlegs since the release of 'Live In Virginia' but in differing quality. Same source me thinks ! It wouldn't surprise me if FTD used the Aug 1 '76 gig (which the sound is in great need of some compression) and combine it with the show from the night before as a double to create a contrast of both shows.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 3, 2013report abuse
VivaLasDavies & alanfalk : I second that ! Always El.
alanfalk (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 3, 2013report abuse
Well said VivaLasDavies, you have to be foolish as a salesman to release all your best material first. Even though I dont agree with everything FTD does I am really thrilled with their releases in general, and I am sure that one of our "marketing experts" on this site would have run the label in the ground if he had run this business. Of cause it is ok to critisise FTD products, but sometimes the way some people always critisise even the smallest things (why is there b/w pictures in the booklets, why is it a 7 instead of a 5 inch digipack etc.), makes it sound like they allready, before they have seen the product, have desided that they will find something to critisise. If I was running the label, then those people would be the last persons I would listen to, I just wouldent be able to take Them seriously.
VivaLasDavies (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 2, 2013report abuse
Whatever FTD has and plans for future release, surely it makes sense to mix the releases. If they were to release all the very best quality stuff first, there would then be a perceived decline in the release schedule. For me, still having some classic albums and top quality soundboards to look forward to is the best way. And lets not forget, the likes of Gravel Road do a great job of supplementing FTD with some brilliantly packaged soundboards.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 2, 2013report abuse
Ftd were are you,zzzzzz. The hampton 72 show is begging for a release and again ftd is zzzzzzz. This release is for those who dont own the orginal releases.
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 2, 2013report abuse
I belong to the guys who don`t have the 1976 show on silver as a collector I am getting it for sure. That is the main purpose..of such releases..also for newbies, of course..if you have the originals you don`t need this release necessarily.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 2, 2013report abuse
Yep, In-A-Flash . Exactly, and I'm one of them, so it's on my list. Always El.
In-A-Flash (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 2, 2013report abuse
It is indeed my understanding this will be 2CD set with soundboard recordings from Hampton Roads, August 1976 and April 1972. Both concerts have already been released on bootleg before but nice re-issue for those who have not been able yet to add these concerts to their collection.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 2, 2013report abuse
Guys, Gravel Road Productions release CDs, NOT DVDs ! Guess this clip is meant to give us an idea about the sound of their forthcoming CD release. Correct me if I'm wrong, no problem. Always El.
In-A-Flash (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 2, 2013report abuse
Haha Jerome. You never cease to amaze me.
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 2, 2013report abuse
A lot of effort has been put into this by the producers. We eh.. they really tried to restore the footage as best as possible and our team eh I mean the producers corrected the speed of the tape to ensure the dvd has the best quality. The high price this release will have is due to the fact that many hours have been spend by us.. eh the technical team in order to bring out such a wonderful product to the market. Please buy this release. The limited amout of copies have nothing to do with pushing up the price but with the fact that it should be a privige to own a copy. Youtube provided us eh.. the makers of this DVD a lot of footage but most has recently been found on the attic of an old granny who was filming secretly from her panties...
Matthias Kuenzer (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 1, 2013report abuse
"sprangled"? Gravel Road is known to copy from old CDs, do some digital manipulations and trying to sell the result as premium content. There are tons of such patchy 8mm videos from '76 for him to work on. Why should I believe that this home-produced job is "spectacular"?
Lefty (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 31, 2012report abuse
A pretty slick promo video. Cool karate moves! Too bad the product doesn't live up to the advertisement.
GEORGE (GK) (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 31, 2012report abuse
Very good "Promo video". A tough year for Elvis, but he was still out there touring and rocking across America, and entertaining his fans, working more dates than any other previous year.

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