Stamps Again

Ed Enoch, owner and lead singer for the Southern Gospel quartet Golden Covenant, announced today that effective immediately, the group will once again be known by its legendary name, the Stamps Quartet. Enoch, along with baritone singer Ed Hill, traveled with JD Sumner and the Stamps Quartet for 25 years before Sumner's death in November of 1998. At that time, the Sumner family retired the group's name, which led to the formation of Ed Enoch & Golden Covenant. Now, some five years later, Enoch holds the legal trademark to the historical name and, like the rest of Golden Covenant, is excited to once again be known as they have been for a quarter of a century. Joining Ed Enoch, who is now the owner of the Stamps Quartet, are current Golden Covenant members Ed Hill (baritone), Royce Taylor (tenor), Butch Owens (bass), Jerry Kelso (piano), and Jack Howell (road manager). Plans for the newly-named Stamps Quartet are already underway. A joint project with Gospel Music legends, the Imperials, is already currently in the works, as well as a new studio project with current record label, Reformation Records.
Source: The Stamps Quartet / Updated: Nov 18, 2003 
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Savanna52 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 19, 2003report abuse
Don't we all the right to pursue our own personal goals and dreams ..even Elvis' granddaughter ??? I think Elvis would be proud of her ... I just hope the media doesnt have a field day with her...

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