Spring Cleaning On ElvisNews

After setting some clear guidelines recently, we still had some irritating ‘contributions’ on our site, mainly focusing on publishers of Elvis-products. We found out that the majority came from one sick schizophrenic person, who had many discussions with himself with the intention to blacken producers/ publishers, even of products he co-operated in. Probably because all attention in the Elvis-world isn’t pointed at him, since he carries the sincere opinion that he is even more important than Elvis himself. The worst thing is that sometimes he did his actions under the cover of other (known) people, even filling out their email-addresses. Because of such sick persons the Elvis-world becomes one of hatred. Obviously we decided to remove all his ‘contributions’ (80+), resulting in much cleaner discussions overall. We also made some alterations to the site to make it harder for him to continue his activities. Hopefully this makes everybody think before pressing the submit button. Keep this site clean, otherwise we might considerate to remove the reaction option completely.
Updated: Mar 30, 2003 
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