Sponsors Sought By James Burton Guitar Festival

The following is from a press release sent out by representatives of the James Burton International Guitar Festival making the business community aware of sponsorship opportunities: World-renowned guitarist, James Burton, is hosting a one-night-only hero celebration of the best guitarists in the world and you are personally invited to be a part of music history in the making. August 19, 20, 21 in Shreveport, Louisiana will be an historical three days with a first-time, open to the public Trade Show, featuring the newest gear and top-of-the-line music technology, a Blowout Under the Bridge outdoor concert, and an evening with guitar greats in the James Burton International Guitar Festival Concert. As a sponsor of this event, you can guarantee return on your investment and a once in a life-time opportunity to watch and enjoy music history being made. James Burton is donating the majority of the proceeds and all of his time to the James Burton Foundation. You can get involved, too, through established sponsorship levels ranging from the Friends level of $1000 to Platinum Pick level of $50,000. In-kind sponsorships and gifts are also welcomed. A variety of equipment and services are needed to make this event a first-class opportunity for everyone involved. Please contact us at 318-424-5000 or by e-mail at jamesburtonfest@aol.com or visit jamesburtonmusic.com for more information regarding sponsorship levels and a complete list of equipment and services needed. The James Burton International Guitar Festival was created to raise money for the James Burton Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to providing music scholarships and instruments to children as well as young adults. James was fortunate that his parents sacrificed to purchase his first Fender guitar. Through his humble beginnings, he learned that a quality professional instrument is very important. It has been James’ dream to give back to the music community by helping young musicians realize their potential. Your participation in the James Burton International Guitar Festival and Trade Show enables future generations of musicians to keep the music alive.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Mar 26, 2005 
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Peter@EM (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 29, 2005report abuse
Eddie, I don't understand a word of what you're saying. You are obviously trying to upset the fans, but it won't work. One thing is chrystal clear to me: you have never met James Burton in person. If you had, you wouldn't write this kind of nonsense. I am positive that James has had a thousand offers to write a book about his life, and his times with Elvis.
I have had the pleasure of meeting James and his wife Louise many times, and I support the idea of the Guitar Festival 100%. In fact, I'm bringing a group of fans over to Shreveport next August. I don't think that we'll run into each other, but for some reason I don't really seem to care.
This is nothing personal. I don't know who 'Eddie' is, I'm just saying that I for one don't agree with you. By not replying, I may give the impression that I agree - and I certainly don't, so here's my response. James's guitar festival for the JB Foundation is a fantastic idea. I felt honored when James and Louise asked my opinion. I'll support it in any way I can, and I think that Elvis couldn't have asked for better ambassadors than his TCB members!
jbtelecaster (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 29, 2005report abuse
Have to agree with Vilma on this one Eddie ! Your comments are VERY negative. When someone like James wants to put something back into an industry that he has spent over 50 years in why is that a bad thing ? Sure ther are lots of people who have made a full time career from knowing Elvis but James and the rest of the TCB band were all top session players before Elvis made the call and have all worked non stop since his death. I'm sure James does not need the money! I for one hope the event is the first of many. Chris.
Vilma (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 29, 2005report abuse
Eddie obviously doesn't know the kind of person James is. About a year ago, James was approached by the Mayor of Shreveport about holding a guitar festival - in fact, he asked me if I thought he should do it. After the decision to go ahead had been made, the James Burton Foundation was set up for the reasons stated in the article. James would be extremely hurt by your comments. The Festival is not Elvis-based, it is music-based. After all, other than Elvis, James has worked with all of the top people in the music industry. You don't slag off Eric Clapton for holding an annual charity guitar festival, so why pick on James who is doing the same thing.
Teacher (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 26, 2005report abuse
I commend James Burton for establishing a foundation that offers advantages to young people who might not otherwise be able to reap the personal benefits of playing a musical instrument.
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 26, 2005report abuse
If you can't write a book do this. Make as much money as you can by wrapping the whole package in 'do good ' wrapping paper. Folks, this is a trade show, in other words a money making bonanza where flunkys part with their dosh. Three days, not three years to research and write another book (oh about Elvis). James has got it made.

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