Soundtrack Of The Century Anthology

For eight weeks this summer, Bravo will bring viewers on a century-long journey through the history of popular music via the U.S. Television Premiere of Popular Song: Soundtrack Of The Century, an 8-part series featuring contemporary and archive interviews and performances from the most well-known names in music - a total of almost 150 writers, performers and producers who have individually and collectively made an indelible mark on the history of modern music. Part three traces the roots of Rock 'n' Roll by starting with a look at a young Elvis Presley and backtracking 50 years to the Deep South where Rock 'n' Roll's most basic components - Jazz, Blues, Gospel and Country / Hillbilly music began to mix and meld into a form that 50 years later would be deemed the fad that was "here to stay". The fourth part examines the new generation of record buyers growing up in Fifties' America. Teenage record buyers didn't want to listen to the old dance band singers so beloved by their parents. Featured interviews and performances include Frankie Laine, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and Elvis
Source: Excite News / Updated: Jul 15, 2001 
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