Soundboard Releases On The FTD Label

We received an email from Arjan Deelen about the commotion surrounding the possible release of soundboards on the Follow That Dream label. The rumours about the 1973 Lake Tahoe show of which a track was released on a FTD sampler which raised expectations is a good example. There are quite a few problems to solve for BMG in releasing these concerts, and this info we received deals with a few of them. "There has been some disappointment about the fact that the next FTD will not be a soundboard, but Jorgensen and Semon are in dialogue with the Musicians' Union about payment for the musicians. The perspectives of reaching a reasonable agreement are now quite optimistic. Still, it's a very costly project, with total payments to musicians being ca. $ 40,000, but with the current sales of FTD releases it can be done. One issue that complicates an agreement is the fact that it's not exactly documented who played on what show. We all know the regulars that were playing in the Presley show, but the problem lies with the orchestra. But it seems that the Estate has much or all of this information, and Joe Guercio has now indicated that he may have this info as well, and Jorgensen and Semon are now looking into this matter. Ernst is not sure that the first soundboard release will be the much discussed Lake Tahoe May 1973 show. He feels that Elvis' singing is not that good on that recording, and adds that there are other options that are more interesting, for example a 2 CD set documenting the (musically very strong) August 1974 Las Vegas season, containing one complete show plus highlights, rarities and one-liners from all the other shows."
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: May 25, 2000 
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