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Justin Timberlake is coming home as part of the international Sun Studio celebration of 50 years of rock and roll. The Memphis pop star and 'N Sync frontman will join soulman Isaac Hayes, Elvis Presley guitarist Scotty Moore and drummer D. J. Fontana, actor (and singer) Billy Bob Thornton and a troupe of early Memphis rockers in the July 5 "Global Moment in Time." The tribute at Sun Studio will be broadcast on radio and TV stations around the world with more than 200 radio stations already committed to simultaneously play Elvis Presley's original recording of "That's All Right." Recorded July 5, 1954, the song has become a rock anthem considered by many to be the big bang of rock and roll. "We are thrilled that Justin is coming home to join us as we celebrate this musical milestone," said Kevin Kane, president of the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau. "He is already a world-renowned artist, and his work continues to extend Memphis's musical influence to the next generation." Timberlake had been named one of Memphis's official musical ambassadors to help promote the year-long anniversary, but Kane and CVB tourism vice president Regena Bearden said Timberlake was uncertain until Wednesday that he could be in Memphis for the July 5 event. Negotiations involving Great Britain, France and Germany now are under way, and Bearden said 500 or more stations may commit to the celebration by July 5. During that Global Moment in Time, Scotty Moore is scheduled to push a button at Sun to begin the international broadcast. Others taking part in the anniversary event include Memphian Domingo 'Sam the Sham' Samudio (of "Wooly Bully" fame), and music pioneers Billy Swan, Sonny Burgess, Billy Lee Riley and Ace Cannon. Events - all free to the public - scheduled for July 5 include: 11 a.m.: Presented as a global moment in time, Elvis's "That's All Right" will be played simultaneously on radio stations across the U. S. and the U. K. Presley guitarist Scotty Moore will "press play," cueing the moment via satellite from Sun Studio. Timberlake and Isaac Hayes are among musicians scheduled to attend.Says Kane: "If Justin shows up, does that mean will he jump on stage and play with somebody? You never know." 11 a.m.-midnight: A commemorative concert will feature Sun-loving guest Billy Bob Thornton with music by Sun veterans Scotty Moore, Billy Lee Riley, Sonny Burgess, J. M. Van Eaton, Jerry Lee 'Smoochy' Smith, W. S. 'Fluke' Holland, Ace Cannon, Mack Self as well as Cordell Jackson, D. J. Fontana, Billy Swan and others. Go to www.sunstudio .com for a full artists schedule. All day: As part of a cross-country tour, a traveling exhibit of rock memorabilia from the Hard Rock Cafe will be at Sun Studio July 5. The free-of-charge display includes a special Memphis room. The mobile tour can also be seen July 2-4 at Graceland's visitor center complex near the Lisa Marie jet. Noted Elvis interpreter Terry Mike Jeffrey will perform noon-4 p.m.
Source: Go Memphis / Updated: Jun 17, 2004 
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Null (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2004report abuse
justin timberlake is a major part of what's wrong with popular
music today.he is a corporate creation(and loyal employee).
his presence at this event offers nothing to real rock fans(who
count elvis,dylan,sex pistols,u2,the white stripes,etc.among their record collection).i could'nt care less if he is from memphis,he's not from the same the wake of his complicity in the superbowl halftime show fiasco,that has the
federal government breathing down our culture's neck,i wish
timberlake and others of his ilk would just stay away.
SendToTodd (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 17, 2004report abuse
For some weeks I have been trying to advise both EPE and the Memphis Convention & Visitors' Bureau, sponsors of the Global Moment in time, that to go live on satellite around the world at the top of the hour is a global waste of time. 11.00am Memphis, is Noon Eastern, 6.00pm UK, and 7.00pm Central European Time, and at the top of the hour on every radio station around the world it is the NEWS. Events in Baghdad, Washington, Paris, and London will take take preference over the simulcast of "That's All Right". No radio network is going to move the news, or for that matter no news presenter is going announce the deaths of US combat forces in the Middle East and segue into "That's All Right", and at the same time hope to keep his job.

Go Memphis has announced that 200 radio stations will take the broadcast live - there are SEVEN THOUSAND radio stations in North America alone, so the neat idea which would have worked at 15 minutes past the hour has become, as predicted, a Global Waste of Time.

That said the official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain is mailing out 500 copies of the track to UK broadcasters in the hope of attracting air play during the anniversary day.

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