Sneak Preview The Elvis Files

The first book in the series The Elvis Files is ready to be shipped. We received a few sample pages as sneak preview.

Updated: May 13, 2010 

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Even_B (profilecontact) wrote on May 14, 2010report abuse
I've put in an order for it. It's very expensive, but it claims to have "Over 1200 photos (many previously unpublished) on over 400 pages." (Source: The Elvis Files site). Previous Flaming Star books have been praised.
dgirl (profilecontact) wrote on May 14, 2010report abuse
This looks way nicer than any JAT book, but geez at 100 dollars a pop in the U.S., very expensive. I enjoy the books more than CDs these days but I will have to think about spending that much on this one. Maybe a review in His Man & The Music will decide it for me. They are usually spot on with their book reviews.
drjohncarpenter0117 (profilecontact) wrote on May 14, 2010report abuse
At £60 a volume i only hope this set is worth the out-lay?.....This will knock anything JAT have done and has been a labour of love from some well respected people in the Elvis world, look forward to this soon.
Harvey Alexander (profilecontact) wrote on May 14, 2010report abuse
It's nothing like a Tunzi JAT book! You can tell by these samples that it's a classy book that's well designed and well printed. Tunzi's books are just cheap 'grab the money and run' productions. His DVD's are the same. I'm really looking forward to 'The Elvis Files'.
drelviseyes (profilecontact) wrote on May 14, 2010report abuse
On a related note, I just bought Adam Victor's The Elvis Encyclopedia for $20 in the bargain books at Barnes & Noble. It's a great book that was too expensive at $65 when it first came out. Check it out locally.
Mystery Rider (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2010report abuse
He's got to be the most photographed person on the Planet. Those Early 60's photos really show him at his best.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2010report abuse
Yes it looks nice but will be very expensive and with multiple volumes, I'm afraid I have to pass. Elvis books are just too costly these days.
TBG (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2010report abuse
Looks interesting! Love the pictures, seen some of them before but not all of them. Anyone who knows more about this book? Might be the first book I buy in a long time :-)

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