Showtime At The International Cover Art

Here is the cover art of the import CD "Showtime At The International" which was originally set for release November 15th, 2004 . It contains the an audience recording of the August 11, 1971 Dinner show. International Hotel welcomes you / Also sprach zarahustra Intro / That's all right / Proud mary / You don't have to you love me / Sweet carolina / Polk salad annie / Walking around / Johnny b. goode / It's impossible / Love me / Blue suede shoes / Heartbreak hotel / Teddy bear - Don't be cruel / Hound dog / Memphis Tennessee / Trying to get to you / Suspicious minds / Introductions / I'm leavin' / Lawdy miss clawdy / The impossible dream.
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glennd (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 27, 2004report abuse
How different the comments are, how different ! I agree with those who say it´s an awful way to listen to some audience recordings. But there are a few who didn´t like the sound of an soundboard recording ! I can´t understand it. This is not good and the other way isn´t good enough ! Please, you Elvis fans outthere, tell me: What do you really want ? TCB.
Shark (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 26, 2004report abuse
Couldn't agree more with ChrisC, Theres an awful lot more atmosphere on a decent audience recording than on the soundboard - I think though with the deluge of live releases we can afford to pick n choose what we buy these days...reminds me of my years trading tapes back in the 80s - we would have killed for soundboard quality recordings then - but I feel that we have all been spoiled by the huge amount of concert recordings available over the last ten years or so...
BigRedGG (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 24, 2004report abuse
I am of the opinion that a good audience recorded CD is better than a medocre run of the mill soundboard show. There are a lot of poor audience recorded shows out there, but if this one has good sound it should be a good release. Of course if every show was available in soundboard it would be different! I like the cover personally!
Chris C (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 24, 2004report abuse
To me, the audience recordings give a much better impression of the shows. On many soundboards it almost sounds as if the show isn't going over very well because you can't hear the audience reaction. Sometimes a soundboard will make it sound as if there's just one pair of tiny tin hands clapping. As for not buying another concert CD, for those truly interested in Elvis there is always something fascinating in a show, whether it's a different song, talk from Elvis that gives insight into how he was thinking and feeling and coping, or sometimes dialogue with audience members where you hear his great kindness, patience or tenderness towards people. Even moments such as Elvis getting stuck in a real stammer, give great insight into his stress levels. I could go on.....there are so many deeply fascinating things both musical and personal in the concerts.
JimmyCool (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 24, 2004report abuse
The cover is nice. I like the picture but the artwork not so much; it looks like an old LP. Is "Walking Around" a song or just Elvis walking around? lol
William S. Burroughs (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 24, 2004report abuse
The photo that they used on this one is nice; the graphic art is cheap rubbish.
Wiebe (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 24, 2004report abuse
I like audience recordings better than most of the sound boards. On most soundboards Elvis sounds tight and on the audience recordings you get a broader sound and if the recording is clear, it's like you are there. So, I really like a new audience recording especially from this interesting period.
dailyone (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 24, 2004report abuse
what more live at the time albums , who buys these albums except for a differant song they are all the same . waste of money
glennd (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 24, 2004report abuse
Another audience recording. I must agree with CD King some of them are really pain to the ears. But before we get a Ftd Cd we must buy these audience recordings. That is just my opinion. I´m a collector for many, many years and I have no more room for my collection but I will buy it. TCB.
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 23, 2004report abuse
The cover art is very nice but I've had enough of Audience recordings. They are a pain to my ears.
CapiTrueno (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 23, 2004report abuse
Mofocca, in 1971 Elvis used Impossible Dream to close his shows as well as Can't Help Falling In Love
Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 23, 2004report abuse
where can i get that? and i noticed theres no cant help falling in love or closing vamp at the end is there a reason for that?

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