Coming On Strong will be the successor of "Finding the Way Home" on the Southern Style label. It will contain remastered live recordings from February 1977. Parts of two shows (West Palm Beach, Florida & Montgomery, Alabama) will be included on this single CD. Highlights will be Blueberry Hill and Where No One Stands Alone. The CD is scheduled later this month. "The Millennium Masters" is the main title of 4 new mid-price releases by RCA: Elvis Rockin', Elvis Country, Elvis Movies and Elvis Ballads. The releases contain 20 tracks each, are limited and will be deleted at the end of 2000. The next issue of Essential Elvis (volume 6) is expected for January. It's not sure what will be the contents, but probably outtakes of the 60's and/or 70's. Only thing that is certain about this release is that there will be no live or 50's-recordings on it! Tom Jones' upcoming CD "Reload" will contain two Elvis related tracks. First we'll have "I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone", a duet with James Dean Bradfield (from the Manics). Secondly there is a great version of "Motherless Child", the song sung by Jean King of The Blossoms in the gospel-medley in the NBC-TV Special. Paul McCartney will release "I Got Stung," in the U.S. this month as the first single from his new album Run Devil Run. The album which includes covers of two Presley songs, will be released on October 5.
Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: Sep 1, 1999 
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