Shepherd Spares Few Details In Memoir

NEW YORK - Cybill Shepherd has bared her most intimate sex secrets, confessing to steamy flings with Elvis Presley and Don Johnson and even a threesome with two hunky stuntmen. But the former Moonlighting star says a make-out session with co-star Bruce Willis fizzled when they got into a air-tight clinch aboard a La-Z-Boy lounger. In her new tell-all memoir, Cybill Disobedience, excerpted in next week's TV Guide, the 50-year-old, twice-divorced actress reveals: "I did exactly what I pleased, and what pleased me was sex" Shepherd's wild streak began in the early '70s when Elvis - a fan of her acclaimed flick The Last Picture Show, directed by then-boyfriend Peter Bogdanovich - invited her to Graceland. After deep-fried peanut butter, banana and mayonnaise sandwiches, it was off to the bedroom - "All red and black with a fake leopard cover on a king-size bed, four TVs and smoky mirrors on the walls and ceilings. I had no doubt about how it would end - there was soft kissing on my neck and arms, pulling off layers of clothing to reveal naked new places. I had fun in Elvis' bed - his kisses were so slow and deliberate, his skin so smooth. ... He'd become a little passé. But he was, after all, the King," the blonde stunner recalls. Things were different during a weekend in Vegas, when Shepherd says a "chubby" Elvis gave her a handful of pills to get high - but she flushed them down the toilet. "Any possibility of nooky had evaporated - he seemed far away and woozy," she remembers. By Bill Hoffman
Source: New York Post / Updated: Mar 15, 2000 
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