Sheila Ryan Writes A Book has signed Sheila Ryan Caan, former fiancée of Elvis and ex wife of James Caan, to a book and movie deal. Sheila has written 1000 pages about her life with Elvis and her. According to the press release, the book - titled “Fame on Me” - contains material that has never been shared with anyone about many of Elvis’s heartaches and disappointments and betrayals, the pillow talk this young 20-year-old beauty kept secret for all these years.
Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Nov 7, 2006 
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GEORGE (GK) (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 24, 2006report abuse
Sheila was not Elvis' Fiancee. They were not "engaged". The book, could be interesting, if done.. fairly !
Pett (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 17, 2006report abuse
Sheila Ryan's claim to fame, in addition to removing her clothing for money, is making the rounds with Hollywood's rich, famous men. In the past, I've heard her say nothing of any redeeming value or substance - and I have a feeling this will prove to be more of the same incoherent, disconnected rambling about sexual encounters. Stories from the Skankdom... A bunch of intimate pillow talk that further devalues their brief, meaningless relationship. What happens between a man and a woman - if there is real love involved - should remain confidential no matter the passage of time. Loyalty has no expiration date. Sheila was a kept woman; no more than a sexual plaything that was conveniently stowed away in Las Vegas. Never in my years of being an Elvis fan have I heard that there were marriage discussions. I don't believe she was considered marriage material in Elvis' eyes. One must ponder whether Sheila Ryan herself has ever READ a book... which lends itself to the utter surprise that she has WRITTEN one. Impeccable timing, what with the 30th anniversary of Elvis' death fast approaching... James Caan must not be paying much these days! If trash is your thing, I'm sure this will be the read of the year for you.
stanton (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 17, 2006report abuse
She has - so far - not done anything really wrong, exept trying to sell a glass of pills he gave her on Ebay. But I doubt she had enough time spent with Elvis to fill a whole book.....and I do not think she was the woman that impressed him the most which basically does not put her in the place where she has to tell the "world" that little bit of what she was able and allowed to share with him privately. So, from my point of view it is just another betrayel on him. I will skipp on that one, I guess.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 15, 2006report abuse
I couldn't care less...
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 9, 2006report abuse
what still can be said, except about Elvis choking in his food while his drug start to kick in, Sheila's disapointed sexual affairs with Elvis, and like she said many times that Elvis was just a guy with a great smile and that's all and eventually their breakup 'cause their was no chance of Elvis ever being helped.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 8, 2006report abuse
Jerry Schilling's book was a disappointment, as was Joe Esposito's, Charlie Hodge's, Priscilla's, Memphis Mafia's, all of them excpet Peter G's 2 great volumes. WHat makes anyone think this book will be worthwhile? A few bedroom tales perhaps?
FJE (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 8, 2006report abuse
I suppose I am not one to argue as I've never read any of these kind of books but I've always been sceptical about their value and truthfulness. Actually I'm surprised Scatter the Chimp hasn't come out with his version about life with Elvis!
John4126 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 8, 2006report abuse
We need this book? You might, i dont! And what does a real person look like? She sure looked like a woman but some of those shemales in the far east are pretty convincing. Maybe that's the secret revelation we're going to get. Oh and of course we approach the 30th anniversary. Optimum earning potential for this book!
SendToTodd (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 8, 2006report abuse
We need this book!. Just take a look at all the other major female players in Elvis' life. With respect to each an every one of them, they were all a bit "plastic", and cover girl. Sheila was a babe, a woman, and looked a real person. I would really like to know what is inside her head, and more than that, why it didn't work out with Elvis. Perhaps she came to him too late in life. Perhaps he was frightened by her, perhaps she was a ball-breaker, but it is another story and I would like to read it!
Getlow (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 8, 2006report abuse
What? – since when where the engaged? In general I will look forward to it, especially if it’s anything like Joyce Bova’s book and need I something to make up for the dissapointment of Jerry Schillings book which was such a wasted oppurtinity from someone I always considered one of the more brighter and articulate members of the “Memphis Mafia”. Sheila step up and let me sing for you baby
June (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 8, 2006report abuse
I have never heard Sheila say anything but loving and positive things about Elvis so, let's hope her book is one we will treasure.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 8, 2006report abuse
How many books do we need? how about she keep those secrets a little while longer,how can anyone read these kind of books and actually think there fully true?

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