Selling Graceland?

Recently, there was a tabloid article here in the USA saying that Lisa Marie Presley was not interested in Graceland/EPE and that she was selling Graceland to Michael Jackson. Naturally, most people realize that this is just another one of those completely fabricated tabloid stories - no truth to it. This particular story seems to have spread more than most and seems to have more people taking it somewhat seriously. It's been a little aggravating, but mostly amusing. It doesn't occur to some folks that if something like this were true, we would have an announcement in the news on our site and it would be a major international story in the mainstream legitimate media - not just one of the rag mags. EPE thought the calls and e-mails would stop after a short while. But, EPE is still getting several a day. Therefore EPE shares their "ususal" response message to these inquiries. Dear _____, Lisa selling Graceland? No way. Absolutely not. A rumor of one form or another that Lisa is selling Graceland starts up somewhere in the world every few months or so, usually via a tabloid. We have been asked about such rumors almost daily since Graceland opened in 1982. Closing Graceland has never been considered or discussed. Lisa is our owner and chairman of the board, very closely involved in all we do. Our plans with her for having Graceland open to the public and our doing more and more Elvis projects reach far into the future. There's no reason to think Graceland would ever close or be sold. No one is more excited about the future of Graceland/EPE than Lisa. Thanks & best, The Graceland Staff
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Feb 16, 2001 
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