Second To None Longbox

It seems that there is yet another version of “Elvis 2nd To None”. Sam's Club has the new CD in a special long box with graphics, song titles etc. This looks like the CD Long Boxes of the late 80's and early 90's. The CD itself appears to be the same.
Source: Email / Updated: Oct 11, 2003 
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Elvizz (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 12, 2003report abuse
I think it is up to BMG and EPE to rectify this situation. There has been lot of comments that the beatles are selling more records than Elvis. However the real problem lies in the amount promotion Elvis discs get when compared with that of others. How will an Elvis disc sell when it does not get the in-house-promotion. When Betales releases a disc the record company always ensures that there are enough posters which are given prominence on the record store and also the discs will be displayed strategically so that even the casual buyer will buy it on impulse when he sees it. I have seen so many comments on this drawback but nothing has been done on it. Added to this, it is well known that DJ's and radio stations are not that interested in playing Elvis discs. This is why Rubberneckin became the highest selling single in U.S. but ended up at vey low on the Billboard charts which incorparates airplay factor.
tigergirl (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 11, 2003report abuse
I just have to tell you about this. A friend of mine went into her local Woolworth store to buy the 2nd To None CD. She saw the album listed on the woolies chart at Number 3 although there were no 2nd To None CDs on the shelf. When she asked the young assistant at the counter he told her that they had all sold out. My friend asked to see the manager, who took ages in appearing, eventually asked my friend what was the problem. After she told her, the manager told the assistant to have a look in the drawers behind the counter to see if there were any of this CD remaining in stock. The manager came upon one drawer with 11 copies in the drawer! My friend insisted that they should be put on the shelf so other people can buy them, and purchased four copies for herself and her friends. Whether they were put on the shelf after she left remains to be seen when she returns to the store. How can Elvis be successful with these releases when there is a conspiracy against him from the younger generation who clearly have a problem with Elvis??

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