Script About Bill, Monica, And Elvis Circulates Around Holly

While investors debate over Oliver Stone's film "Bush" a script about President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky has quietly circulated around Hollywood. Set to Elvis Presley music, "Bill and the Silk Box" is a comedy/drama about the popular President, whose Secret Service nickname was "Elvis."

"Nothing will be more entertaining than for the Clintons and the Bushes to compete at the box office," said Daniel R. Vovak, a screenwriter and owner of Greenwich Creations. "The challenge of writing the script was juggling the political motivations of the characters with the importance of giving the film broad appeal. The Clinton era needs to be put into proper perspective, with comedy as its medium."

Vovak said he's open regarding casting, contrasting with Stone's narrow approach of portraying Bush as Josh Brolin. He sees Bill Paxton, David Morse, or Tim Robbins in the role as Bill Clinton. Monica Lewinsky could be played by Amanda Bynes, Nia Vadralos, or Minnie Driver. (Hillary Clinton, the former First Lady, does not have any speaking parts.)

Vovak worked ardently to write the movie based on a true story, doing intense research and interviewing some colorful characters. Through his career, Vovak has met James Carville, George Stephanopoulos, and various reporters and White House photographers. He also had the chance to speak with Paula Jones, with whom the President settled a lawsuit for $850,000.

Talking with the real-life characters gave me a well-rounded perspective of the former President," said Vovak. "I deduced that Bill is a lonely person in private, which is a consistent theme in Elvis' music, and a perfect hook for the script."

The plot of the film is from July 1995 through January 1998, while the White House was in turmoil over Paula Jones and a brief government shutdown. Meanwhile, Monica Lewinsky was secretly enticed by gifts from Bill. The script also depicts a scheming White House staff that sends Monica to permanent exile in the Pentagon until she licks her wounds and returns for a place in United States history.

According to Vovak, he has Japanese representation because of the complexity of Elvis music ownership and their overlapping business interests with Elvis Presley Enterprises. Vovak has also written the movies: Redeeming Stella, Unsilent Partner, and Whereabouts Unknown.

Source: Google / Updated: Jan 31, 2008 
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