Scotty Moore Update

Here is an update on Scotty Moore's condition as posted on his official site December 11. Hello, this is Gail again. It is Dec. 11, 2003 and I have just returned from the hospital today. Scotty is coming around, was able to focus his eyes today. His doctor said that he had been breathing without the help of a machine all night and that his ventilator tube would come out today. As soon as this is gone, he will be able to try to talk to us. As soon as he is able to talk, I will tell him how everyone is praying and cheering him on. I'll let you know tomorrow any progress he makes. Thanks, Gail Pollock
Source: Scotty Moore website / Updated: Dec 12, 2003 
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Tupelo (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 14, 2003report abuse
Hope your well soon. People around the world are thinking of you. Take your time!
jendror (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 14, 2003report abuse
Once again, best regards and get well wishes from Israel to Scotty.
BMH (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 13, 2003report abuse
Hi everybody! Lets give our best to Scotty, and hope the man comes around! It`s almost christmas, so all Elvis and Scotty fans should send him a thought! Greetings from Norway!
dzelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 13, 2003report abuse
i hope scotty gets well soon for elvis birthday, hang in there scotty, we will keep praying!
Aarons (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 12, 2003report abuse
Thank God man, I'm glad to hear that you are okay. Get well soon. Maybe Elvis is still working his miracles. Take it easy man take your time. Get your rest whilst you still can.

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