Russian MP3 CDs

Released over the last few months in Russia is a series of 15 MP3 CDs. The audio quality of these factory made CDs is 192 kbps. 44 kHz. In addition to official BMG/FTD releases this set includes some bootleg material. The label behind the production of these CDs has been recently closed down because of problems with the law making it most likely that these CDs were illegal. CD 1 The 50's Studio Recordings CD 2 The 60's Studio Recordings CD 3 The 60’s Studio Recordings CD 4 The 70’s Studio Recordings CD 5 The 70’s Studio Recordings CD 6 Remixes, Outtakes & Collections CD 7 “Essential Elvis”: The RCA Outtakes Collection CD 8 Demos & Outtakes CD 9 Demos & Outtakes CD 10 Soundtracks 1956-1964 CD 11 Soundtracks (1963-1969) CD 12 In Concerts (1968) (this includes Memories 2CD set, FTD''s Burbank 68, Tiger Man and Today Tomorrow And Forever box set) CD 13 In Concerts (1969-1972) - this CD is not available and as proclaimed - CD 14 In Concerts (1972-1974) CD 15 In Concerts (1974-1977)
Source: Elvis In Russia / Updated: Aug 11, 2005 
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