Rubberneckin' On Top Of The Pops

Friday 3rd October will see the first screening of Rubberneckin' by BBC TV on "Top of The Pops". Generally a TOTP's screening ensures a higher place the following week for breaking tunes.
Source: Todd Slaughter / Updated: Sep 30, 2003 
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DDH (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 3, 2003report abuse
I've looked forward all week to seeing RN on TOTP. Why oh why did the powers to be not play / show the FULL version. Great clip but lets see it all...
TonyP (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 1, 2003report abuse
Name the oldies station in question KP and perhaps American fans can email requests for more Elvis. If it's clear to the programmers that the demand is there, perhaps they will modify their thinking.
KP (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 1, 2003report abuse
Thats good news. I'm from America and I just wish they would give it the same chance here. So far except for the car commercial you aren't given as chance to like it if you don't hear or see it. I emailed a program director for an oldies station which claims to play the hits of the 60s & 70s. I hear Elvis about once every couple weeks. I asked why thay were not playing him more and he replied that even though he had nemerous hits in that era he was, "not the audience" they were trying to grab. I pointed out that if mainstream won't play his remixes in the US and oldies stations won't give him play something is very wrong. He said Elvis was not "relevent" It made me so mad. He also claimed that the period of the 60s thay were playing was only from 68 on. I had just heard 8 days a week by the Beatles and its from 64. I told him Elvis was relevent because of the fact that he still could sell 9,000,000 albums worldwide and have a hit with a remix. Both the album and the single were not just bought by we fans, quite a few were picked up by teenagers. If they are not given exposure to him how can they know what a talent he truely was and not just a punchline for bad jokes.

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