Rubberneckin' Jason Nevin's Remix

Released this Tuesday at the online iTunes Music store (Apple) in America is the Jason Nevin's remix of "Rubberneckin'". The details from the site: Stop, look and listen: Elvis lives, and he’s back in the studio thanks to Jason Nevin’s ferocious remix of the overlooked 1970’s B-side single “Rubberneckin’” backed by a digitally supercharged rhythm section the King is once again tearing up the dance floor.
Source: Email / Updated: Oct 4, 2003 
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CapiTrueno (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 7, 2003report abuse
Anyone who downloaded it would pass it? I'm also looking for the famous groove remix, but I haven't been able to find it...Alberto
VanGogh (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 7, 2003report abuse
is itunes only for apple computers? it seems so. I tried to download this on my pc and it wouldn't work.
does anyone know how to get this without a mac?
(I looked on Kazaa too)
mph (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 6, 2003report abuse
I've heard 3 different remixed versions of rubberneckin, what is this Jason Nevin version???
Jyroflux (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 5, 2003report abuse
I have the remix. Both the regular remix and the club remix. It's hard to describe what is different. It's better if you hear it but... The Jason Nevin's remix has a harder edge to it. Where the Oakenfold remix sounds like music from a TV commercial, the Nevins remix sounds like something you'd hear on dance floor. In the Oakenfold remix, Elvis' vocal has a heavy echo effect. The vocal in the Nevin's remix is much cleaner. Plus there are prominent guitars in the Nevins remix. I personally prefer the Nevins remix much more.
jb gude (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 5, 2003report abuse
Can aanyone let us know what this sounds like ? How different is it to the "official Oakenfold remix" ??

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