Rubberneckin' Is #1 In The Netherlands

There are several charts in The Netherlands. On the Pepsi Chart the Rubberneckin' remix climbed from #10 to the top spot in its second week. On the Top 40 Chart the single is a new entry at #19, on the Mega Top 50 the single climbed from #42 to #10 in its second week.
Source: Various / Updated: Sep 26, 2003 
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Kevin (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 28, 2003report abuse
I quite agree kp! Like Jim Semple has been pointing out, RCA/BMG have really let Elvis and his fans and especially potential new generation fans down with a very poor promotion of the single "Rubberneckin' ," and "2nd to None. Why do they bother putting new product on the market and then apparentally assume it will sell itself. They appear to be at the least out of touch with modern marketing campaigns, or even just plain cheap. You have to promote! As mentioned here before, last year's Nike campaign worked wonders globally for ALLC/30 No. Ones. For my part, I will keep calling local radio, email vh1/mtv. and buy as many copies of Rubberneckin'/2nd to None to give to casual fans/friends as X-Mas presents as I can afford. Man, I do want this project to succeed.
KP (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 26, 2003report abuse
This is great. In the USA radio and MTV, VH1 are not pplaying it even thou it is selling well. Can someone tell me where you E-mail to request the video on MTV & Vh1.

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