Rubberneckin' (Groove mix) Enters UK Chart

The ELVIS/ COGNITO remix of "Rubberneckin" has become an underground music hit with club DJ's across the UK. It has entered the UK London Remix chart straight in at No.6. This is now recognised as the first ever bootleg hit for Elvis. It looks as though the very few copies that were sent out as demonstration discs have found their way into the club scene and has become a great advertisement for the Paul Oakenfold mix set to hit the shelves in the UK on the 22nd. The original demo CD which is signed by the producer 'Joseph Pirzada' is changing hands with collectors for around £50.00 a disc. Also a very limited amount of white label 12" Vinyl has been produced. It includes the 'Groove Mix' and also has an 'Instrumental version', next to the raw Original Undubbed version that has never been released by RCA.
Source: The Elvis Express / Updated: Sep 22, 2003 
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KP (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 23, 2003report abuse
Elvis entered the Billboard hot 100 at # 94 this week. I think radio and Mtv, VH1, are pretty much ignoring this song. Probably it will take either huge single sales or massive promotion to get them to take notice and you can't get huge sales without promotion. Last year being the 25th anniversary gave EP a vast amount of free promotion from all corners (mainstream media, music media etc.) This single is not going to have that "built in promotion" That puts the ball on the BMGs shoulders to push this single. It also tells us we have to buy and request this till they get notice it.
Songman (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 23, 2003report abuse
Hi there, Everybody has his own favorites,but if i was the owner of BMG i put this album out,with Elvis in probably his best voice ever,the june 1970 sessions,and i call the album - A couple off days in june 1970 - I think it will sells verry good,It's a double CD too,here is the tracklist.
Disc A - 01 Twenty days and twenty nights 02 I've lost you 03 I was born about ten thousand years ago 04 The sound of your cry 05 The fool 06 A hundred years from now 07 Little cabin on the hill 08 Cindy Cindy 09 Bridge over troubled water 10 Got my mojo working 11 How the webb was woven 12 It's your baby you rock it 13 Stranger in the crowd 14 I'll never know 15 Mary in the morning 16 I didn't make it on playing guitar 17 It ain't no big thing 18 You don't have to say you love me
Disc B - 01 Just pretend 02 This is our dance 03 Life 04 Heart of Rome 05 When i'm over you 06 I really don't want to know 07 Faded love 08 Tomorrow never comes 09 The next step is love 10 Make the world go away 11 Funny how time slips away 12 I washed my hands in muddy water 13 Love letters 14 There goes my everything 15 If i where you 16 Only believe 17 Sylvia 18 Patch it up
What is your favorite time/songs/tracklist of Elvis - Greetzz from Holland -
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 22, 2003report abuse
Its a shame nobody knows about Rubberneckin in the UK though !!

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