Rubberneckin' Charts

The "Rubberneckin'" remix has not dropped out of all the charts. In Sweden "Rubberneckin'" is up to #45 from last week #46, in Canada "Rubberneckin'" is down to #13 from last week #12 and in Chile "Rubberneckin'" is down to #16 from last week #14.
Source: Readers Reactions / Updated: Nov 28, 2003 
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VanGogh (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 1, 2003report abuse
Hey Shawn, I'm the same way....I love anything Elvis. I loved what they did with "Guitar Man" in the 80's, especially since it was the first time getting to hear that little bit of "What I'd Say" towards the end. I didn't mean to sound so negative about "Rubberneckin'" I just always disliked that song for some reason. I mean, I like almost anything by Elvis better than stuff by someone else, but on my Elvis scale of good and bad, Rubberneckin'" ranks really low for me. I agree that there were a lot of factors as to why it didn't catch fire the way "Conversation" did, but I think one of the biggest factors is also the simplest: it isn't as good, it doesn't have the same attitude or hippness. Well, anyway, I hope they keep trying because I love hearing Elvis' voice mixed with newer music and recording techniques. Elvis just had the kind of timelessness and coolness that can transcend anything and while his old catalogue is perfect the way it is, it's great to see and hear him with new backing.
shawn (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2003
Invisible because there were too many capitals in the text
VanGogh (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2003report abuse
is anybody starting to think maybe "Let Yourself Go" was indeed the better choice? I hope this hasn't killed it for other possible remixes. I like the idea and I loved the JXL remix. Unfortunately, "Rubberneckin'" was a horrible song choice, and it wasn't really done well either. And the video was awful. I wish they'd do an album of remixes with people like Moby, The Dust Bros, Prince (that would be amazing. He doesn't talk about who he likes in music, but he has sung "Jailhouse Rock" and "Teddy Bear" in concert, and if you listen to his song "Delirious," it's clear that it owes a lot to "All Shook Up"). Why don't they remix more than one song together? I mean, take different parts from some of the movie songs and create something really cool with it, not a medley, but something else. When I was younger I used to play around with my tape recorder and combine songs just for fun, and they were kinda cool actually. "...shake the little tamborine ... listen to that bongo sound... don't stop playing till his guitar breaks..." for example, are a fun loop to build on. A song from Harum Scarum, Girl Happy and King Creole all sampled into something really new and cool.
Anyway, I'm no proffesional, it just seems like that Rubberneckin' remix lacked any creativity and certainly didn't sound like something you'd hear on radio or at a dance club. Maybe next time, if there is one

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