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After the good start down under in Australia the single slipped further down on the singles chart, from #9 to #12, but on the dance chart the single is still #1. In New Zealand the single is #21, coming from #23. In Denmark the single climbed again after last weeks drop, the single is #5. And the TCB Band and Sweet Inspirations cooperation with the Danish Big Fat Snake is at #4 in the album chart. In Luxembourgh the single climbed to #11. In Austria the Rubberneckin' single is #23 while in Switzerland the single is currently at #20. Rubberneckin' has dropped in the UK pop charts from #5 to #8. In Eastern Europe the single has entered the charts too, in Moldavia the single climbed to #4 while in Slovenia the single is #13. Rubberneckin dropped from the TOP 40 chart in Latvia in its fourth week. In the South American Argentina the single is a new entry at #10. On the European chart Rubberneckin' is #8 climbing from #42, on the Worldwide chart the single is currently #3, clibimg 9 places from #12.
Source: Various / Updated: Oct 5, 2003 

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Pharamond (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 7, 2003report abuse
It is sad to see that this is not a bigger hit , because it could have been. I saw the video clip for the second time on the BBC Top of the pops and and once more at TMF the ULTRA TOP 50. That is a grand total of 3 times. In a period of 2 weeks I saw Timberlake, Beonce, Chingy Orico and I can go on and on at least 15 times a day. How can a record comp. be so stupid. Are we going back to the 1980 and 1990 when singles came out and not even the fans knew about hem. Afther a while they simply stopt bringing out singles, no succes. If you don't promote the single, if you do'nt play it on the radio and you make no use of the media, if you can't spent some money for promotion, how do you expect to get something back. BMG put some people on it that know how to promote a record, a child could have done better and made Rubbernecking a much bigger hit.
1. Rubbernecking should have been out a lot sooner, at least 10 weeks before the new album.
2.Put some money in it and promote the single , make them play the clip on TV .
3. Stop telling in front that it is on the album.
4.Stop using the fans as cows that you can simply milk when you bring out something new.
Abu (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 6, 2003report abuse
Rubberneckin has done pretty well considering there has been virtually no airplay and promotion. It is at #8 in the European sales charts & #3 in the world sales chart. Think what it may have achieved if it was promoted and had decent airplay. Rubberneckin has achieved a top 10 placing in 8 countries
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 5, 2003report abuse
If bmg is carefull and flexible with their strategy, this new elvis album can be tremendous as it catches on...

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