Royal Member Of The Danish Elvis Fan Club

The Danish Crown Prince Frederik was inducted as an honouree member of the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club Of Denmark a couple of days ago. The Crown Prince attended a reception in Odense, Denmark where the impersonator Henrik Busborg and his band Devils were performing. From him he received a lifetime membership. The Crown Prince is an Elvis fan himself. Some of you maybe remember seeing the pictures of him singing along on Love Me Tender at the Rock’n’Royal concert for him and his fiancé just before their wedding.
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Aug 3, 2004 
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David Brys (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 4, 2004report abuse
How is it that everytime a - somewhat - famous person sings a song of Elvis, plays a tune on an instrument or writes a note about him, he is considered to be a 'fan'? "Da Dude They Call King" is an icon. Everybody knows something about this man (or think that they do) so its natural that the subject occasionnaly turns to Elvis, but to make fans out of these characters is maybe a bit too much. Let's face it: 'Love Me Tender' is one of the ultimate (easy to sing too ;-)) songs you can sing to your sweety just before you get married, ain't it. (I wish we could caught the Prince of Belgium - where I'm living - doing a 'Where Do You Come From' to his wife ;-))

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