Rolling Stones Beat Elvis On Billboard

On next weeks singles chart, a pair of buffed and re-polished vintage tracks duked it out. Last week's Number One-selling single, Elvis Presley's "Rubberneckin'" (as remixed by Paul Oakenfold), was unseated by the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil" (remixed by the Neptunes, Fatboy Slim and others) by a mere ten copies, 8,610 to 8,600. Updated with the Billboardpositions for the week ending October 4th: Billboard Top 200 Albums - Elvis 30 #1's - #167 Billboard Top Country Albums - Elvis 30 #1's - #25 Billboard Hot 100 - Rubberneckin - #100 Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales - Rubberneckin - #2 Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales - Rubberneckin - #2
Source: Various / Updated: Sep 24, 2003 

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Pharamond (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 26, 2003report abuse
How long in the charts for a single to get gold these days in the US 11000 in the first week and N° 1 in sales 8600 in the 2nd week and N° 2. You have to stay at N° 1 for more than a yaer at this rate to be over 500000 copies
And i repeat, BMG RCA nothing from the video on Belgium TV and nothing on MTV why do you even bother to make one.
And you do'nt fool me by saiing they choose what they want to choose, i do'nt believe there is anybody who wants to see the same things more then 10 times a day, not even the Elvis clip, but i at least want to see it once a day on the three music channels we have here. So wake up this thing could be a lot bigger if you only put a little effort in it.
Elvisa (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 26, 2003report abuse
The Rolling Stones beat Elvis lol its not april 1st lol!!
ElvisDayByDay (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 25, 2003report abuse
Hope they didn't use the old votecountingmachines from Florida ...
Apachee (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 25, 2003report abuse
I think we need a recount!!
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 25, 2003report abuse
Well,,That makes me want to head right out now and buy 11 copies... Rolling Stones are real good, but they will never be Elvis...
jeremytcb (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 24, 2003report abuse
Oh that hurts! 10 copies!! What a depressing update...

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