Rocking Over Texas Update

An Elvis Club Newsletter contained some information concerning the FTD project "Rocking Over Texas". Co author Stanley Oberst has been on the road for the last year looking for new Elvis stories and getting more details on existing ones. He has also found many new, very rare pictures. This book, by Stanley and Ernst Jorgensen will come with two new soundboard shows; Amarillo, Texas June 19th, 1974 and Fort Worth, Texas July 3rd, 1976. It will also include a short, never published 1960 interview with Elvis and the Colonel. Stanley Oberst published also the book "Elvis In Texas".
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Jon Carpenter (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 1, 2004report abuse
Humm, it will include a short, never published 1960 interview with Elvis and the Colonel . guess that it makes the once complete "Word For Word" now incomplete :(
glennd (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2004report abuse
Yes, Ernst is working on a special project: the sun years. Maybe a double Cd with a book. This is one of the latested things he said. Sure it will be greatt, cause there will be some new material to realese for Ftd. TCB.
Pedro (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 28, 2004report abuse
That's just great. That's what a collectors label stand s for. Question: Wasn't there once a project by ERnst about the early days of Elvis at Sun? A Cd with everything on it and a book. Is he doing some more research on that? keep 'em comin...
glennd (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 28, 2004report abuse
Sounds good to me. I will buy it cause I liked the other two books. I tell you something: I canĀ“t wait any longer for this Cd and book set. Give it to us right now! TCB.

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