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According to a posting on the For Elvis CD Collector's forum members of a German forum site ( received an almost free (5 Euro) CD entitled "Rockin' The Blue Board, Vol. 1" containing an audience recording of Elvis' midnight show at the Hilton from August 20, 1973. This concert was previously released on the Fort Baxter Box "A Profile, The King on Stage". From the posting on the FECC forum: Title: Rockin' The Blue Board, Vol. 1 Label: Forum Records Label Number: FOR 20081973 Release Date: 2007 Recording Type: Audience Recording + Soundboard Location: Las Vegas, Hilton Hotel Date: August 20 - 1973 , Midnight Show Sound: Excellent ! Track Listing: 01 2001 Theme 01:11 02 C.C. Rider 03:12 03 I Got A Woman / Amen 03:46 04 Love Me 01:29 05 Steamroller Blues 02:47 06 You Gave Me A Mountain 03:10 07 Trouble 02:03 08 Blue Suede Shoes 01:02 09 Rock 'n' Roll Medley 02:43 10 Love Me Tender 01:46 11 Fever 02:46 12 What Now My Love 02:55 13 Suspicious Minds 03:49 14 Band introductions 01:49 15 My Boy 03:24 16 Release Me 02:09 17 An American Trilogy 04:01 18 Mystery Train / Tiger Man 02:21 19 Help Me Make It Through The Night 01:47 20 How Great Thou Art 02:39 21 Can't Help Falling In Love 01:36 22 Closing Vamp 00:51 23 When The Snow Is On The Roses (24-08-70) 01:57 24 Hound Dog (27-05-74) 02:07 25 Big Boss Man (06-10-74) 02:37 26 Return To Sender (01-08-76) 02:01 27 Moody Blue (21-02-77) 03:49 28 Proud Mary (19-08-74) 03:15 29 Promised Land (19-08-74) 02:46 30 Rags To Riches (31-12-76) 02:25 31 Elvis Talks To The Audience (28-09-74) 03:06 32 Jailhouse Rock (21-02-77) 02:03 Tracks 23-32 are bonus songs from various shows.
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mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 18, 2007report abuse
This show would be a great release for the fort baxter classic series if they ever choose to continue it,it has better sound than some soundboards,although im not an audiance recording fan this one has really good sound,as for these reissue from other labels,not interested,and the bonus songs seem to be a mix bag of well known recordings that you can get on other imports that feature the entire show!
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 18, 2007report abuse
this release really makes me blue..
Macky (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 18, 2007report abuse
Nope! I think only "snow is on the roses" and "Rags To Riches" are real AR, the rest is a kind of SB (The Show itself recorded with two microphones in the showroom). Hound Dog has 3 Ends, the first end was too short. You don´t need it if you have Fort Baxter releases in your collection.....
baggypants (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 18, 2007report abuse
Its the thing to do nowdays, isnt it? Rip-off an existing quality cd from yesteryear ( Baxter), and re-release the damn thing once more, without having to pay a frikkin'cent in gettin' something new yourself. No, this is so much easier. Leave it to the Germans. if its not nailed to the floor, they take it. And for your information, people, this show was recorded with 2 mikes by RCA employees. So its not your run of the mill 'audience' recording.
Ciscoking (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 18, 2007report abuse
Nice gesture to the members. Anyway..does anybody understand the inclusion of Hound Dog as a bonus song.....?? We already have several live
FLY-TROUBLE! (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 17, 2007report abuse
It's crap. But at least cheap crap. Better than expensive crap:)
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 17, 2007report abuse
For an audience recording it's okay. The cover is very poor, one of the worst I've seen. Don't know why they included Elvis' rambling as a bonus. Really doesn't make sense.
Macky (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 17, 2007report abuse
Yep! It´s a real silver disc. I´m not owner of the A Profile Volume 1 from F.Baxter. So: it can´t be wrong to buy it for 5€ incl. package and porto..... It´s a nice show, some Infos from the show and the bonus tracks; a 4-sided booklet with pictures of this time. Only the front-cover and the cd has a 50´s pic. The most bonus tracks are from other F.Baxter releases. I think it´s limited on 1000 cd´s. A special thanks from a web site to members. Go on with the good work!!!

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