Rock Survivor Hangs Up His Mike

He talked about cars and girls with Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly, he was cursed on stage by John Lennon, and he engineered hoaxes that created unruly street scenes. As a teenager broadcasting Canada's first rock 'n' roll radio show, Red Robinson had to buy his own "race" records by black performers in the 1950s, carrying them out of the store in brown paper bags "like pornography". putting his first "needle to vinyl" on his own show 46 years ago. Calling himself the first disc jockey to play Presley music in Canada, he credits Elvis for cementing the popularity of rock 'n' roll, ensuring its transformation from fad to industry. Before that, the thrill was being around the scene. Along the way came personal and public triumphs - interviews and friendships with such greats as Bill Haley and Roy Orbison, induction into the rock 'n' roll halls of fame in Canada and the United States (1995).
Source: Associated Press / Updated: Dec 3, 2000 

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