Riding With Elvis DVD

Due for release on August 15, 2007 is the DVD "Riding With Elvis". This is based on the story of David Stanley, stepbrother and bodyguard of Elvis Presley. Some of the extras include : The Real Life Story Of David Stanley, Personal Accounts of Life With The King, Actual Photos of the King, Behind the Scenes, Out-Takes, Interviews and more.
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Ruthie (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 24, 2007report abuse
P.S. oh, sorry, I forgot to mention. That cover is really, really lame.
Ruthie (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 24, 2007report abuse
Poor David! He had the most influential step brother in the world while he was in school & still couldn't get it right. Elvis owed him nothing but still he tried to hep the boys. Elvis came into this world with very little birthright but made something of himself. David, on the other hand, through no influence on his part, just happened to have a mother who marriedinto a great family. David & his brothers had the opportunity for a very good life (without working for ELvis) but chose not to go to school. Instead they chose to become one of the many parasites. Hang in there David - this might be a good year for you. Pay off some bills, etc.
June (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 23, 2007report abuse
He must be going through yet another divorce and decided that Elvis should pay for it..................
lvisfan (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 21, 2007report abuse
Ricky Stanley is the one who is now a minister. From what I hear, he puts Elvis in a better light. David on the other hand may be a different story. I haven't heard much out of him in quite some time now. It still all comes down to money and the 30th anniversary.
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 21, 2007report abuse
Repent David Stanley before it's too late.Why do you bring shame and disgrace to the good name of ELVIS Presley by collaborating with Lamar Fink and writing a whole bunch of craps and bulls about the KING. Everyone stay clear from this piece of shitty DVD. Spend your hard earn money instead on the ELVIS LIVES 25th Anniversary Graceland DVD
boris (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 21, 2007report abuse
I thought these guys were on the way to redemption in a "reborn" kind of way... The book "Fairytale" was a fairly accurate portrait as far as they're concerned... Some things they never change.
RJ (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 21, 2007report abuse
David Stanley unreliable, or Elvis fans cannot handle the truth. You decide....
gary 1 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 20, 2007report abuse
I think the less said about this the better.
stanton (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 20, 2007report abuse
Stanley- I can`t hear their name no more. How much more money are these Stanleys trying to make on Elvis`account? The cover - like loftmanuk already mentions- shows the high quality of this release. Trash and more trash, lies over lies, interviews noone really needs - and they just won`t stop! They just won`t stop and I even heard that Stanley is trying to get his foot into Germany - with a compilation of expo items he carried together from heaven knows where. I hope he won`t find the sponsor he searches for ever in this life. He calls up 10 million Euro for his crap, that`s no candystick, man! I think the way Stanleys show themselves off and call Vernon "My FAAATHER..." in front of the micro really turns anyone off who knows the real story behind, the story of the Stanley - meets - Presley thing....I bet that "outtake" ain`t on the DVD.
loftmanuk (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 20, 2007report abuse
The cover probably sums up this release, rubbish!
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 20, 2007report abuse
I likethe way it says outtakes,what outtakes, let me guess outtakes of him being interviewed? no thanks anyways!
Sean Ryan (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 20, 2007report abuse
One to avoid!!!
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 20, 2007report abuse
But it says 'A true Story'...
Palle (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 20, 2007report abuse
Stay well clear from this release, as David Stanley and all others from the Stanley family are well know to fabricate lies about Elvis, this movie will sadly be no exception

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