Rhythm Guitarist European The Concert Tour

Tony Smith - guitarist with Mondo Carne and D-ran D-ran - has been asked to play the European Tour of Elvis The Concert, playing rhythm guitar alongside James Burton and the TCB band. This is a massive honour for Tony who is thrilled to be taking part in the tour and working again with the cast of Elvis The Concert.
Source: Email / Updated: Mar 2, 2005 
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Peter@EM (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 23, 2005report abuse
Hi guys, I have had the pleasure to be the promotor of several shows that featured Tony Smith on guitar and I can tell you as an Elvisfan, club president and promotor that he is one of the finest and best musicians we have in Europe. Always friendly, 100% professional and a top class guitarist. The fact that James Burton handpicked Tony to play rhythm guitar alongside him, says it all. About the TCB Band: they are the true ambassadors of Elvis's music, all 5 of 'm. I always look forward to working with them, as they are top professionals in their field. It blows me away that somebody would even question that. I think we can all be VERY happy that, considering the 'mileage & the wear and tear' they still come to Europe and perform for the fans. It will be a dark, cold, sad day when they decide not to go overseas anymore. About Tony, short and sweet: he will be a wonderful addition to the TCB sound next April, as he proved that countless times before.
I was thrilled when I heard that Tony was going to be part of the European tour. Well deserved, Tony!
Crazyann (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 5, 2005report abuse
Mark R - I would just like to echo Jenson's words. These guys are indeed the finest musicians in their field. For your information they do continue to play at sell-out gigs across the globe... without Elvis... and without the big screen.
Son Of Mark 64 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Thankyou for your answer but has you have said he has been on the stage with the tcb band since 1994 Elvis would have been dead 17 years by then I thought the whole idear was to see the people who played with Elvis (It doesnt do much for me me but hey what ever floats your boat ok by me.) OK lets take away the video bit and no mention of Elvis and we will see how many people turn up. ps I ment DJ not JD .
Thanks again for info and I will check out web site
JENSONJB (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Mark R, Firstly - Tony Smith is a mega talented British guitarist who has worked with various members of the TCB band since 1994. He can stand on the same stage as anyone - and he belongs there. To find out more go to the Duran site. Secondly : All the members of the TCB band individually and as a group have worked constantly before and since Elvis died. They are the finest musicians in their field (thats why Elvis picked them) and can pull in a substantial audience even without the video , even without playing Elvis songs. If you havent seen them without the big screen - go for it. As for Scotty and DJ - they are great too - its me singing on their 1993 video !
Son Of Mark 64 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2005report abuse
cant see the point of this can somebody tell me why?
and sorry to tony but who is he and what does he have to do with the tcb band. Mind you I think this tcb band lark goes a bit to far for my liking. Elvis is dead these people only played on stage with him some peoplethink they are gods i dont mean to offend anybody the same goes for the memphis mafia aswell before anybody goes mad Iknow they are all great players and singers in there own right so why dont they do gigs on there own with out the video like scotty and jd. I wonder how many people would go then
Crazyann (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2005report abuse
Tony's a great guitarist and his talent can only add to the already spectacular show! Good on ya Tony! See you there!
JENSONJB (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2005report abuse
From Jenson Bloomer - Let me make this crystal clear-
Tony Smith is playing rhythm guitar ALONGSIDE James Burton on the European Elvis - The concert Tour - let me say that one more time - RHYTHM guitar - James Burton will be there on ALL shows and IS PLAYING LEAD GUITAR. So please accept my word on this and be happy for Tony who is thrilled to be a part of the show that we all love.
JapioF (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2005report abuse
For the concert-schedule and more information on Tony, please check Mondo Carne / D-Ran D-Ran (you can find it behind my member information)
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2005report abuse
Mr. White is very unclear once again. Tony will play rhythm guitar is said above. He replaced James in Paris when Burton was inducted in the R'n'R Hall of fame.
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2005report abuse
All these years, ELVIS The CONCERT has no rhythm guitarist because John Wilkinson's suffered from a stroke and can't use his hands. It's good that at last we have replacement Tony Smith to play the Rhythm Guitar with the TCB Band.
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2005report abuse
If James isn't playing Lead, I wouldn't go see the show.. However, it would be O'K to have a rythm guitarist, considering Elvis always used one.n But, believe me, James would never play 2nd to anyone in an Elvis tribute show.
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2005report abuse
If James Burton is playing then James will not be playing lead guitar. He will be playing rythem guitar. He will only play lead if James Burton takes time out.

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