Rhys-Meyers To Play Elvis

The King is soon to be taken on by Irish actor, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers of Bend It Like Beckham fame. The 27-year-old actor has bagged the part of Elvis in a new US mini-series because the producer was bowled over by his physical similarity to the legendary crooner. Short of implying that Jonathan is actually a reincarnation of the King, exec producer Howard Braunstein has revealed that he chose the actor for his "uncanny" resemblance to Elvis. "He was the first person I'd ever thought of for the role," Braunstein said. "I watched Bend It Like Beckham and when you see him, you just say, 'He is Elvis'. "He has the physical look and the style that embodies Elvis, both the sweetness and the sex appeal," he went on. Jonathan, who will appear on our cinema screens in January with the release of Vanity Fair starring Reese Witherspoon, didn't exactly just wait for the call to come in for the part. Instead, he dressed up as Elvis and sent a film of himself imitating the singer's distinctive southern drawl - and it plainly worked. Braunstein added: "It was uncanny - the voice sounded so authentic." Randy Quaid will play Elvis's manager Colonel Tom Parker and Scream actress Rose McGowan will play screen siren Ann-Margaret, who starred with Elvis in Viva Las Vegas and had a fling with him before his Priscilla days
Source: Moviefans.de / Updated: Dec 21, 2004 
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Devon (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 29, 2004report abuse
I dont think so, they should leave it alone.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2004report abuse
Why on earth the powers of be want guys to act the part of Elvis is beyond me. It really is an shocking idea and only because you cannot act the part of Elvis without looking bloody silly. Only Elvis as his natural self, could carry the look, the costumes, the hair, the glasses, the accent etc etc. On the other hand, a 8 part documentary of Elvis without acting, with exclusive footage of The King, interviews with the mafia, TCB Band, friends etc would have been brilliant. There is no need for any acting to take place. We could have gone through every phase of Elvis' career purely by watching his actual footage interspersed with commentary from those who were actually there. But of course, this would be a far to simple idea for these so called wonderful producers !
Pierjo (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2004report abuse
Well! Well! Well! Here we go again! I 100% agree with Sean Ryan and Patrickw. A couple of years ago we had a mini-series on tv who was cancelled after just a couple of episodes. And I must add that this was not a real success in the ratings...Why oh why?
This guy (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) is surely not the one to do it. Could someone for at least once do something OK, interesting and accurate in order to obtain a real success? Because this is the very last chance to do it the right way.You can not do it again and again and again and fail everytime.
I am really mad at it. Everytime someone decides and announces that something great is coming...they seem to do it the wrong way all the way! They are leaving us with a great hope and pride and satisfaction until...
When it is about Elvis Aaron Presley, it seems that there is no one to really take care of business. Of course this is my opinion and I maintain it.
Brando (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2004report abuse
"Brando" is male from Finland. CBS don´t make this miniseries to hardcore fans. It make´s it to larger audience. It´s quite silly assume that the man who plays Elvis had to be lookalike. Watch some Mr. Rhys-Meyers films and then say that he is not a good choise.He´s better actor than Elvis was.But ofcourse he is not Elvis.
There is only one Elvis Presley and allways will be.
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2004report abuse
His comment is valid just like the rest
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2004report abuse
What do you mean 'who is Brando?'
Cro@kie (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2004report abuse
Who's Brando ?
yelserp (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2004report abuse
If you look back to the 1979 John Carpenter directed 'Elvis' there was a lot of criticism at the time given to Kurt Russell's portrayal even before it had aired. How could a Disney actor who looks nothing like Elvis do even an adequate job? Kurt though is a very fine actor (and that is the key here). His portrayal of Elvis, down to the mannerisms turned out to be the best on-screen portrayal thus far.
We do not need an impersonator/imposter we need someone who can 'Act' Elvis. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers must know the criticism he is up against and the shoes he has too fill. History will now dictate whether justice is done.
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2004report abuse
Well, at least they didn't choose an imposter. The chance that it won't be ridiculing is getting bigger...
doctor (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2004report abuse
Relax everybody! It's only a miniseries. If nothing else it may at least have people wanting to check out the real elvis via all currently available documentaries/live shows/movies, if it doesn't turn out the best. Let's face it --when God created Elvis, He threw away the mold. There isn't anyone out there who "looks" like him. That's OK. Let's wait and see how well they can tell the story. At the very least, this time around they are using the original Elvis recordings. At least that much will be fun to listen to. ANd we all know, without a doubt, there will be "creative licence" used -- in other words they will not stick to all the facts. But then again, even Shakespeare didn't stick to facts when it came to writing good plays. And we're all going to be watching it --guaranteed. Afterwards, it'll either be praise or we'll have fun criticizing it. Either way, Elvis is still a hot number all these years later. I'm all shook up!! (:
elvisgyrl (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2004report abuse
I just can't believe this young man has been picked to play Elvis in the mini series. Why didn't he have to audition like all the other contestants had to do. When I think of these ETA'S that went all the way to L.A. for an addition at their own expense, this just gaulds me to no end. These young men work hard to help us keep the memory of Elvis alive and all the expenses they have to encounter to be an ETA. I believe this has been a cheap Advertising Campaign at the expense of these dedicated ETA'S and to grab the attention of all the Elvis Fans all over the world.
Airtouch67 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2004report abuse
Hello. I normally do not give an opinion on this site but I honestly cannot believe anybody would think this actor looks anything like Elvis. In fact, I can't find a picture of him that even closely resembles Elvis in any way whatsoever. Unless the movie includes a segment of extreme makeover, I don't see how this is going to work. His lips look like they have more collagen than Angelina Jolie. I just don't get where these directors come up with this stuff. Have a good day.
Eddie White (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2004report abuse
I think you should all wait and judge the series after it has been aired. The castings will then either be a failure or a complete success. You have got to remember that alot of the most memorable Hollywood films were first of all turned down by the original lead casts but were then given to second choices who excelled in their respective roles. Don't be too quick to judge until youv'e watched it.Then judge it.
patrikw (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 22, 2004report abuse
I think mr. Howard Braunstein would need to see his optician as soon as he can, as he obviously needs to get his eyes tested. J. Rhys Myers bears no resemblance to Elvis, apart from maybe the same hair color. Plus - how could you even notice Mr Myers in Bend it Like Beckham when there is much more to savour in Keira Knightly! this new mini-series is already shaping up to be a disaster. Theres been too many mis-informed and badly produced movies in the past - why do we need another one.
If a mini-series on Elvis has to be made - can the people who produce it be people who are Elvis fans and know the difference between an exceptionally good looking and uniquely talented singer and an average looking actor. Or better still, can they be people that knew Elvis.
It would be far more interesting to see an intelligent documentary in the style of the Beatles anthology series, which could examine the real Elvis and not the impersonator type myth which is what we get from mini-series and movies.
There is one existing, exceptional documentary in this vein which could be one segment of that series - check out "He Touched Me - the Gospel Music of Elvis Presley".
Sean Ryan (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 21, 2004report abuse
I know gribz but you can understand why fans are gonna think of this before its even begun.We have seen badly done mini-series and TV films about Elvis's life which have been pretty bad.Not much thought had gone into them and so many mistakes in them as well so when i see that the producer of the show hasnt even met the person he has given the lead to it sounds like abit of a disaster already. I just would like to know how the producer Mr.Baunstein is such an expert on Elvis by just seeing someone on videotape and saying thats him.I hope this is a success and good luck to Jonathan but i think how most fans are gonna view this.
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 21, 2004report abuse
Suspend Judgement Sean. I know what you're saying, but lets wait and see. Let's be positive now, and critical later, and hopefully it will be praise, because it's important for the future of the Elvis legacy.
Brando (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 21, 2004report abuse
Good choice. Rhys-Meyers is very good actor and it takes lot of courage to choose non american to the leading role.
Sean Ryan (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 21, 2004report abuse
Words that come to mind. Oh dear! oh dear! oh dear! This has got to be the fans worse nightmare. The guy who has got the part didnt even bother going for the audition.What about all the other men who traveled to the audition not knowing that the lead has already been made? Well i cant wait to see this.I could do with a laugh! So Mr.Braunstein is an expert on Elvis by seeing a guy on a videotape do an Elvis impersonation.'The voice sounded so authentic' oh no.I remember an author writing a book about Elvis's life who he had never met and his research was done by ringing people up on the phone.The authors name ' Albert Goldman'.Enough said.

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