Review "A Little Less Conversation"

On Elvis World Japan we found this review of "A Little Less Conversation" by Gavin Bevis (BBC). Nike spend so much money on their television commercials, you wonder why they don't just give up making sportswear to focus on their film-making. Mind you, this summer's Secret Tournament ad campaign has brought an unexpected delight in the shape of this remixed Elvis track from 1968. Who would have though that the most exciting figure in the UK dance scene this year would be a man who died exactly 25 years ago? Yet that's how it's looking. When 'A Little Less Conversation' is played in its full euphoric glory, it outshines everything else on the Radio 1 playlist. From the distinctive Elvis vocals through the verses to the uplifting climax complete with its gospel choir backing , this track announces the arrival of a scorching summer. For anyone who preferred Elvis's later material (Suspicious Minds, Always on my Mind etc), A Little... is something of an undiscovered gem. And it'll be really interesting to see what fathers who have always hated dance music make of this unlikely alliance of rock n roll and techno.
Source: Elvis World Japan / Updated: May 23, 2002 

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