We’d like to ask our members to stay to the point a little bit more. The Elvis Today item of a couple of days ago has 35 reactions, while less than a quarter has to do with this release. Our reaction possibility is not meant as a discussion forum, there are other sites with that opportunity, like the excellent For Elvis CD Collectors. Of course we can remove all those off topic reactions, but that would mean that a lot of members would be banned, and that is not our intention. Besides that, it is an awful lot of work to check every contribution literally. However, we are working on a new system, of which both you – the visitors – and we – the managers – will benefit. It will be much easier for us to check contributions and their relation to the item. To prevent a lot of banned people we advise to train yourself a bit beforehand. So please, think before replying and keep it to the point.
Updated: Mar 3, 2005 
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Sidewinder (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 11, 2005report abuse
I would like to make a suggestion; why not include a TCB section on your home page where fans can just raise any issues relating to Elvis and interact away from the constraints of fixed items?
xeletahi (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 8, 2005
Invisible because there was no relation to the article
xeletahi (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 8, 2005
Invisible because there was no relation to the article
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 7, 2005report abuse
People are not getting the message. A posting has been made regarding the news that the FTD version of "Elvis Is Back" is available for pre-order concerning the merits of "G.I. Blues". What connection is there to "Elvis Is Back", other than they were both recorded in 1960?
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 7, 2005report abuse
Well said Elvinpelvin. Elvisnews is a great site and keep up the great work you do guys. I would miss you if you were not here anymore
elvinpelvin (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 7, 2005report abuse
I just want to let the staff at Elvisnews know that I appreciate the efforts made to keep us informed about the Elvis world. I agree, arguing, and filthy language does not belong here. This is not jr. high or high school. This is where we the fans can get important information about the one special person we all agreeably care about, and sometimes share stories and ideas and experiences with. Thank you Elvisnews. I will always have respect for Elvis and the keepers of the flame.
Rob Rivers (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 5, 2005
Invisible because there was a personal attack
Techy_Viola (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 5, 2005report abuse
Todd Slaughter attacking Harmston but yet again nothing is done. Todd writes about the need for Elvisnews to protect themselves from libel, having a moral and legal responsibility to do so - Harmston then very politely points out that what Todd was saying was incorrect and misinformed. Consequently Todd responds with a personal attack in doing so also trying to change the original nature of his post. I also remember Harmston correcting Todd before about royalties, so it seems like Mr SLaughter doesn't like being corrected by people who know more than he does about things he pretends to know about but doesn't.
shaneleebrown (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
With due respect to everyone: This is probably the most informative site on what's going on Elvis-wise on the net. The people who run Elvisnews make it that way and we should be thankful to them. It's their site and we should respect their guidelines - if you don't like it, then don't use the site and start up your own and try to make it as good as this one!
Rob Rivers (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
I just said that Mark R!
Son Of Mark 64 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
HELLO EVERY ONE, This is now getting very boring can we get back to the main subject ELVIS please thankyou
Rob Rivers (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Hello All, Hi Lex of Elvis News Rob here, so are we going to talk Elvis and Music or what?
sdeahkcid (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Elvis News, How do we submit ideas as Articles ?? as has been stated im not one of the intellegent ones? Really tho how is it done?
ElvisNews (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
We do not ignore freedom of speech or something like that, but this is our site, so our rules have to be followed. We just want to keep it to the point and fun for everyone. As many of you know, this site is made by fans for fans simply trying to inform Elvis fans about what is going on in the Elvis world.

If you have a very good thought or (strong) opinion about something, why just don't try to write it down in the form of an article which we can use in our "In My Opinion"-section? We are open to suggestions, just mail us. By adding this request to the site we show we are open for suggestions.

The main problem is that people use the reaction form the same way they chat on a forum. The reaction form is meant to add an opinion or additional information to the subject of the news item or a review. If reactions stick to the subject (and the guidelines) there will never be a problem. If you want to chat, visit the forum of the For Elvis CD Collectors Only website.

If we do loose some visitors because of being more strict with those rules, which happen to be there for a pretty long time, so be it. We want to maintain an informative and interesting site which offers "something for everybody".
harmston (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005
Invisible because there was bad language used
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Elvis News Bravo ! Lex, you seem to be very populair here. lol.
SendToTodd (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
As always "Harmston" you appear so intoxicated with your own intellect that you both miss the point and the broarder picture. Many of the personal attacks that have been posted have been done so with malicious intent and are consequently hurtful. And to be fair I doubt if any reader needs to be bothered over "AOL vs Harim". Our concerns not only have to be focussed on potential actions for libel, or slander or defamation, because it does cost a fortune to defend even if you are innocent, and you don't always win; but on the personal harm and hurt that some postings might attract. It's more a matter of being decent to your fellow human being, than looking over your shoulder for a "no win no fee" ambulance chaser.
harmston (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Todd, that depends where the hosting server for ElvisNews is located. If in the US, then under the 'Prodigy Precedent' (which extends to ISPs and websites) no one at Elvisnews would be liable for any libellous posts. If the UK, then I would agree with you. If in Europe outside the UK, then its a bit trickier, as some countries allow freedom of 'information and thought' on the internet. Even under UK law to prove libel is incredibly difficult as the libelled person generally must have 'suffered loss' -which generally is not the case - mere loss of reputation within a small group such as Elvisnews is unlikely to be sufficient ( AOL v Harim). The law is far broader for paper publications such as your magazine.
Besides this debate is not about any form of defamation be it libel, slander (some internet defamation is considered slander) or misrepresentation. This is about the freedom of Elvis fans to differ in their views and opinions, and to be allowed to express them.
For me personally, I am utterly fed up with misinformation, fabrications and downright lies relating to Elvis and the broader world in general (esp business info here) from people who haven't got a clue what they're talking about. These guys should be corrected when they present fallacious information but correcting someone is not libellous, nor is calling someone an idiot/moron or anything similar. Being abusive is not libellous. Of course, that doesn't mean it should be tolerated but what it does mean is that there no legal reason to prevent it - besides, much of it is actually said in jest.
The guys at Elvisnews do a great job but the recent edict is unnecessary, both legally and morally, and I fear it will remove much of the intererst from the site for many people.
SendToTodd (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
The success of ElvisNews is that it publishes contributions from its readers, and although some may not be correct with their facts or be well educated, at least they are taking part. Our fan club magazine is written by it's readership, but prior to publication each article is edited for libel, and any personal attacks removed. If we didn't edit it would be me who would get sued for damages, and likewise on this site it would be the operators. These guys have a legal and moral right to protect themselves, and all contributors should should bear that it mind before pressing the "submit" button. You might not only be hurting someone's feelings, you could contribute to our Dutch friends loosing everything they own. Play fair, be careful, and enjoy. Todd Slaughter
Loesje (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
To Dickheads: I have seen that message from Rob Irish. There are more words than the F word which are not allowed on this site.
To Ihatelex: I don't think Lex gives one thing about your opinion or your thoughts about him. I bet he is laughing his beautiful ass off about your reactions :-)
To Techy_Viola: at least there are some people here who appreciate using brains instead of using bad language all the time.
To Lex: don't worry 'mate' , at least you have a couple of real fans here. You certainly won my appreciation.
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
sdeahkcid: he did, I can't show it, since the message got removed, but he certainly did.

xeletahi: I don't think rambling the same nonsence over and over again can be called arguments.

Techy_Viola: Thanks, indeed you can hardly call it a sport with a lot of people over here. But hey, they can't help I'm so gifted. I happen to disagree with you about this site, sorry ;-).
Techy_Viola (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
sdeahkcid is clearly Rob-Irish reborn ;)). The two most interesting people here are Lex and Harmston, both of whom have a higher IQ than most of you barrel scrapers in the single digit territory. Both of whom can also be contentious and outrageous but always knowledgeable and well-informed. The vitriol aimed at them is borne out of jealousy and ignorance. Pity there's not more people like this guys around here....Without free thought this site is nothing...
xeletahi (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Lex Quote: probably because they have no real arguments. See what people are talking about !! You think your point is the gods truth. NEWSFLASH , people do have REAL arguments even if they dont agree with you !! Dont be so obnoxious mate !!!
Techy_Viola (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
'The decisions will be made by the editorial team of ElvisNews. We will not start correspondence about such a decision' - the KGB has been reborn.
Through the arrogance you've just tolled the knoll of death for your own site, a site which incidentally 'borrows' much of its news content from other places. You will be slightly missed but not a great deal...
sdeahkcid (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Volvo, I know he appreciates that. Lex I can assure you that Rob never used the F word against you or anyone else on here, hed didnt / dosent take it that seriously. When you can ban someone for getting the better of you isnt it soo easy to press the button. Lex if your going to stir people up then keep your finger of the button, "Viva Lass Volvo" lol !
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
I don't mind people getting back at me at all. As a matter of fact I like it... that's why I write like I do. Unfortunately for them they mostly can't do it without the f-word or such, probably because they have no real arguments.
P.S. I like the Stereophonics too, at least that one song together with TJ :-)
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Maybe elvisnews should just put the news on here and dont have fans giving there opinions anymore. This would stop everyone from getting banned then. I cannot understand why fans are getting banned because they go a little off topic. And I can understand why some fans get upset when somebody insults Elvis. I like reading other fans opinions and I dont always agree with what others say but some fans have even had ago at me. I dont mind I can take it. I do understand why fans get banned if they swear because there are younger fans that come on here. I will just keep my opinions to myself in future so I dont upset anyone anymore.
volvo (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
I really like to read different points of view on this site, but I don't want to be insulted just because someone doesn't agree with me. By the way, what did Rob Irish do wrong? I thought his contributions were honest and polite, I quite miss reading what he has to say.
sdeahkcid (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
cc rider you sound like another robot, we are people out here not shop dummies and , not to pick on Lex or anything, but Lex has been so condesending and disrespectfull of other peoples opinions and spelling ( handbags at the ready Lex) that its foolish to say you know whos being abusive when part of the Elvis news team its self treat people in such a way.
I think Lex's attitude is fine if people are allowed to come back at him without bieng banned . Look, its all just a bit of fun, we are all here for the same reason, Elvis ! we are all on the same team so lets not take it to seriously but please stop the banning and let us be intellegent human biengs here with opinions and personalitys except if your German ofcourse.
ccrider (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
There are certain people on this site that get rude and offensive if anyone dares to have an opinion different to their own and we all know who they are. It may be "funny" to people looking on but when you're on the receiving end then it isn't at all funny. Nobody forces anyone to use this website and the people who run it can implement whatever rules and regulations they want. Anyone who isn't happy with that is free to stop using the site and go elsewhere.
xeletahi (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Are you people robots? or just nothing between your ears ?? STEVE etc you say this site is not for discussing with others, omg! wot do you think making comments of set subjects is !!??? everyone is not going to agree therefore discussions are crucial ! Get out of your black and white worlds and put some colour in your lives!! jezzzzzzz!!!!
xeletahi (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
ok you suck ups!! So its ok to be patronised for your views is it!!? Lex seems to judge anyone that supports Elvis rather than BMG or EPE as an obsessed jump suir wearing freak. Lex your not the only elvis appreciater that has an "open Mind" or listens to other music so get off your high horse and have a little respect for other people. Actually i like the Stereophonics very much and would be equaly happy if they or Elvis got to number one.... Slightly happier if it was Elvis tho.
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Well said, Elvisnews. Hopefully people will take notice of your words.
Steve_Moore (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Harmston, "So now no one is allowed to correct drivel, errors and blatant lies." Yes they are - the administrators of this site. Leave it to them to manage those kinds of reations.
The opportunity on here is given to post reactions to the article, not to post reactions on what others have said. Though I'm sure comments agreeing with what someone else has said would be allowed if only to save repeating the same text all over again.
I read this site every day, but I admit this is the first time I've made a comment in months. This is because I struggled to follow the rules of the site. I believe I posted part of a link without actually posting the link. Links are not allowed in here and neither is part of a link, so words like e-l-v-i-s which would form part of a link to this and many other sites are not allowed, but because I don't know where the line is drawn I'd rather stay away from commenting rather than be seen to disrespect the rules of this site just because I am ignorant.
This is the foremost site on the web for E-l-v-i-s news and I'm all for seeing its continued growth and presence. If that means giving the administrators more time to dedicate themselves to the core business of providing this news then anything supplemetary to that has to give way to the priority of the news and not having to mess around editting and deleting comments.
This section is not for discussing with others, like EN has said, there are other forums for discussion and debate on the net.
sdeahkcid (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Lex, Rob was/ is never rude, he's far too witty and educated for that even if his spelling is crap!! rude never enteraining always !!
PaulFromFrance (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Dear ElvisNew, With all respect due (I understand that maintaining this kind of site is a lot of work, and I thank you to do it), I think you're wrong in this matter.
Of course, when things become insulting, I understand the censorship and that the responsible must be banned. This is a job you're doing well.
But, honestly, it's a lot of fun to disagree with others, and I'm afraid the exchanges would become boring as hell if we couldn't do this. Just my 2 cents, as they say overthere.
P.S.: And I agree to keep Lex in the team, even if the damn' bastard seems to be Dutch. :-))))))
harmston (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
So now no one is allowed to correct drivel, errors and blatant lies. Look at the George Harrison topic - garbage about Lennon turning the world on to Carl Perkins, garbage about Elvis rehearsing other Beatles stuff - does Elvis news really want to perpetuate such nonsense.
I have dozens of rehearsals, have even more lists of recordings and rehearsals yet not one are these songs mentioned are for Elvis recording a Carl Perkins songs based upon the Beatles version, jeez. Elvis was infinitely a bigger fan of Carl Perkins than he was the Beatles. As for Elvis not wanting to meet any musicinas other than the Beatles. what planet is this guy living on!
David Brys (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Yes, I agree with ElvisNews. No, I don't like any restrictions on the voice of the people. But there are places for everything. Here is not the place to discuss about other peoples opinion. I think it should be a place for Elvisfans to give there opinion about the article in front, not about the opinion someone else wrote about it. Fans, come on. Remember the time when we had no voice at all. Do not abuse the opportunity and respect the rules of every site that is seriously trying to do a good job on Elvis (and us).
Cruiser621 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
I check this site every day in hopes of reading about new cd releases as pertains to our man Elvis. I'm to the point where it doesn't bother to check in anymore as all you ever get is nothing.... absolutely nothing that pertains to the music anymore. Just petty e-mails!
get real (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
i disagree with ALOT of people on this site and i get bad reactions form many here but , i think there is nothing wrong with Lexs posts, and i have never personally seen any reason why he should ever have been banned, some people , such as Lex, just have different opinions. Im one of those kind of people also. And i might be wrong but , i havent seen Lex use bad language or anything in his posts, the same can not be said for many people here.
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Sorry, but I can't help Rob didn't follow the rules... only because he disagreed with me. Some people need to get rude, and that just shows how poor they are.
sdeahkcid (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Lex cant be banned cause hes part of the Elvis News team ! What a way to treat other Elvis fans with his condesending obnoxious ways.... Robe irsh told him where to go and he was banned , so actually Lex ruined it for Rob second time round.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Sorry but I am scared to say anything now incase I get banned. Sorry elvisnews if I am off topic
CapiTrueno (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 4, 2005report abuse
Lex can't be banned
ElvisNews (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2005report abuse
sdeahkcid: The decisions will be made by the editorial team of ElvisNews. We will not start correspondence about such a decision. You can read this at every page with the guidelines. But for this one time: we even gave Rob a second chance, and he spoilt that.
Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2005report abuse
i dont understand what the big deal is. i read the discussions and i see nothing wrong really. sure u get a few people who dont like the cd thats gonna come out but u ask for there opinions so they gave it. elvis once said " we make these movies cuz there fun, and when they cease to be fun we wont do them anymore" please dont be like hal wallis and these other directors who tried to tame elvis' wild side in silencing everyone of there opinions. i have fun coming on here and learning from other elvis fans about what he was like and there favorite moments of him and the least favorite. what some people were talking about in the elvis today thing has to do with elvis in a round about way.
sdeahkcid (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2005report abuse
so Elvis news why did you ban Rob Irish 3 times when Lex deserved it alot more and was never banned ?? can you explain this?.... i suppose im banned now!
ElvisNews (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2005report abuse
There will be no new guidelines, we will only follow the current ones more strictly. Emailing is a complete different thing, we encourage people to email, therefore we also maintain a mailling group. You can find it in the services section at the left. Any topic is welcome there!
Son Of Mark 64 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2005report abuse
At last please somebody write about this important lp/cd in Elvis's career. It contains his last songs every recorded in a studio and there are some great songs on this cd. If you are collecting Elvis's career on cd this must be in your collection I hope the cover has some photos from the recording session on it as all Ftd releases need a bit more info on the covers so the 7"deluxe covers are great as they come with a booklet
Ged (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2005report abuse
Thanks for the advice Elvisnews police; good to know that there is another set of giude lines we have to follow, God forbid that people might actually enjoy emailing each other about the king. By the way what is the peoples' favorite jumpsuit??
Emiel Maier (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 3, 2005report abuse
An other forum where you can discuss Elvis is the forum of the Elvis Disco site. Over 70% of our postings are made in English. We welcome Elvisfans from all over the world to share their opinions with other kindred spirits. Click onto my name to get to the site.

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