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About a year ago we added the possibility to add your own review to shop-items, and later to the news and articles on this site. This feature worked great and the reactions of our readers really added extra value to the updates on ElvisNews. Unfortunately not only fans but also some producers found their way to the reaction forms. And due to some "touchy tender" producers that started to misbehave, because they did not like honest reactions from fans on their products, discussions went out of control. We had to do some "censoring" based on clear guidelines but that didn't work either. So now we decided to take the reaction possibility off-line. As said before, being fans who simply started to collect all the news available and ending up with a site like this, doing this gives us, and the many people helping us to do it, great satisfaction. Looking at the statistics and the reactions by many people we believe we please a lot of others too. Unfortunately it makes some other people in the Elvis world green of jealousy too. We regret this decision and understand that the interactivity will be missed by the good-willing fans. But for us this is a hobby and we want to keep it that way. For those who'd like to talk about everything Elvis, go to a message board, e.g. the busy one on the For Elvis CD Collectors website.
Updated: Jul 11, 2003 

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