Reaction EPE On Aloha And Comeback DVD Confusion

EPE reacted on our site on the confusion which seems to exist regarding the new DVD editions of both the Aloha and Comeback Special. Here is their complete reaction, hopefully this makes everything more clear. It looks like our carrying the Aloha DVD in the merchandise mix on our European tour of Elvis-The Concert caused an unexpected stir and some confusion. We're simply continuing to carry the existing 68 & Aloha releases until the new editions become available. There's nothing to be upset about. For many months our FAQ on has indicated that we would continue to carry the existing '68 and Aloha releases until the new editions come out. Perhaps we erred in not explaining that they would be manufactured by a company called Finley-Holiday as a Graceland exclusive after our Lightyear contract ran out. Today, we responded to the first E-mail inquiry we got about it. The following paragraphs were our response, which we hope will clear things up for everyone: Our merchandise department wanted to continue carrying the existing '68 & Aloha releases until the new editions come out later this year. There is a non-stop demand from Graceland visitors and catalog customers. When our distribution deal with Lightyear ran out, our merchandise department contracted with Finley-Holiday (the makers of our Graceland tour video/DVD, by the way) to manufacture exact copies of the existing releases until the new video/DVDs come out. These are available only through Graceland and are not in distribution elsewhere. Simple as that. Thus this line that has been in our FAQ for a while: "These programs are no longer in distribution but for leftover stock in some retail outlets and in the continuous stock maintained by Graceland/EPE for its own merchandising operations." We should be announcing a release date for the new editions soon. As we explain in the FAQ, the moment we have updates to share about '68 & Aloha, we will put an article in News, update the FAQ and issue E-newsletter alerts. Via these means you won't miss knowing anything.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Jun 17, 2003 
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