Ray Peterson Passed Away

Ray Peterson, the American singer of the worldwide hit “Tell Laura I Love Her” passed away at the age of 65. He died after a struggle with cancer in his house in Nashville. Peterson was barely 18 when he entered the Billboard Top-30 with his version of “The Wonder Of You”, written by Perry Como and Baker Knight. Elvis performed the songs many times over. His version of February 19th 1970 (International Hotel) sold over 2 million copies that year, and had a 12 week stay on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, reaching a height of Nr. 9. The song was number one in the UK for six consecutive weeks. It was Elvis’s first live single release ever. The arrangements were written out by Glen D. Hardin.
Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Jan 30, 2005 

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pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 12, 2005report abuse
an elvis classic and and no.1 in the uk in 1970 and a fav in karaoke pubs..how elvis fans on this site say its a shit song i do not know?-its an elvis live classic and caught the magic of elvis in vegas..not shit at all.
old shep (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 20, 2005report abuse
Your leader states that The Wonder of you was Elvis first live single ever. How about If I Can Dream?
harmston (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 18, 2005report abuse
Eclectic styles and/or tastes have nothing to do with it. The Wonder of You is simply a goddamn awful song. I stick by my view that Elvis should never have recorded it. As for only wanting to hear Hond Dog, you're showing incredible arrogance and ignorance by trying to presuppose my favourite songs, of which Hound Dog is not one! Inded that's not even my favourite Elvis era... jeez...
King Of Western Bop (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 1, 2005report abuse
" 'The Wonder of You', a goddamn awful record and song that Elvis should never have sung." Rubbish! It's a great song that Elvis made part of his repetoire. That's what made Elvis great, that he enjoyed singing many styles of music. Some fans seem only to want to hear Hound Dog sung for the zillionth time.
harmston (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 31, 2005report abuse
Dirk, of course you are right. A slip on my part ;)
Dirk Bendfeld (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 31, 2005report abuse
To Harmston: The worldwide hit of "Tell Laura..." was actually by Ricky Valance, not Ritchie Valens! Ritchie Valens was the singer of "La Bamba", wo died in the Buddy-Holly-planecrash in 1959!
harmston (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 31, 2005report abuse
It's sad when anyone dies but to get all misty-eyed over a singer who no one other than his neighbours would recognise is ridiculous. The guy was OK but that's about it - not a greater singer or entertainer, indeed nothing more than typical American middle-of-the-road junk a la Perry Como.
The worldwide hit of 'Tell Laura...' was actually by Richie Valens, yes Petersen recorded a hugely inferior version but the hit ws Richie's. Ray Petersen is best, actually only, remembered for two things. Firstly for recording the original version of the 'The Wonder of You', a goddamn awful record and song that Elvis should never have sung. Secondly, 'Corrina Corrina', which was (the genius) Phil Spector's, first top ten hit.
peter t (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 31, 2005report abuse
ray perterson had a 5+1/2 octave voice you should hear his greatest hits cd!
dailyone (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 31, 2005report abuse
tell laura i love her, havent heard it for years but remember it. and also wonder of you, and i did like the other side. sad memories on this one. life goes on

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