Randy Quaid To Play Col. Tom Parker

Randy Quaid will portray The Colonel in CBS' upcoming "Elvis" minseries. Quaid is the first major actor to join the cast of the four-hour project, which will be the first TV pic to use master recordings of some of Elvis Presley's biggest hits. Cigar-chomping Parker, who was Presley's longtime (and oft-controversial) manager, died in 1997, having helped guide the King of rock 'n' roll to massive success. Earlier this year, Eye conducted a nationwide search to find its Elvis, and an announcement on casting is expected soon. Filming is scheduled to start next month.
Source: Variety / Updated: Dec 11, 2004 
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Rob Nelson (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 15, 2004report abuse
I don't want to play devil's advocate here. But, I wish those people who believe we know everything about Elvis Presley should really pause for a moment. I will say, as millions of music lovers world wide; I have read so many books about him, watched so many documentaries, viewed hundreds of photographs (maybe thousands) thanks to the 100s of Elvis webmasters on the Internet. Yet, I would not venture a word to say "I know everything about Elvis." I sincerely wish that a brave script writer would come forward and present an honest view of, say, inside the mind of Elvis the creative artist. Of course, we enjoy his recordings but, we need to present the perspective of how he approached his art. I am growing slightly weary of the countless interviews and docu-dramas and opinions which lead down that all-to-familiar tale to his untimely demise due to well, you fill in the last words here.
In recent years print material has satisfied the factual palette I agree, but, now we have this current opinion of Elvis which I believe is a universe removed from the period when Elvis lived. Finally, how many books (and I am not referring to photo books here, or studio record logs: these books are great no doubt) can you actually count which offer an honest and sincere perspective on Elvis the creative artist? Thank you.
dailyone (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 14, 2004report abuse
hope he is better than the original
GregMcGee (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 13, 2004report abuse
Look, I don't think Randy Quaid ("Cousin Eddie" of "Vacation") would be a good choice. Don't think he's crooked enough, don't know who would be, but can't see him as Colonel Tom Parker.
sivle35 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 13, 2004report abuse
I agree they had no intention for casting a tribute artist or an unknown actor.EPE will not allow it, they have and never will use any tribute artist for a movie that they are involved, there reason is on the official site.It's a pretty lame excuse,personally i think there are few that would do it better than any actor could ever do.Only because they have studied the man since they were young and truly love the man, at least the ones who are really good.Travis is from my home state and he would be a great choice as young elvis, and shawn klush would do a great job as the 1970's elvis.Shawn auditioned also, he played elvis in the cbs movie shake rattle and roll.
aaronman1_98 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 12, 2004report abuse
Sadly to say i DON"T believe any of the unknows that auditioned are getting the part. I auditioned also so i guess that would include me. A lot of the guys in line were pretty ridiculous and very exagerated. The were doomed for dissapointment from the beggining i'd say. Not many things about our man have ever done justice. I wish CBS the best of luck. I think getting all these guys out to L.A was just a publicity stunt. They never had any intentions to pick an unknown since i believe they already had a known actor picked (Jesse Metcalf) from "Desperate Housewives" perhaps? Thats what i heard. They just wanted to do what everyone else seems to do ,sadly enough. Which was to make a mockery out of Elvis' memory by having a lot of untalented people auditioning. Excluding a couple that i can count on one hand and thats including myself. Im a singer songwriter musician producer 28 yrs old. I also sing Elvis material but im Not an impersonator even though i resemble him to a certain extent. But dont get your hopes up about seeing Travis or any of these guys 'cause i think CBS knew what they were doing all along and it was wrong to give all these guys false hope and make them waste their money and time like this.
Son Of Mark 64 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 12, 2004report abuse
All I can say is well said Jim. A 6 DVD of Elvis OnTour WOW CAN'T WAIT. Suppose I will have to
Sean Ryan (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 12, 2004report abuse
I,ve also visited this Travis Ledoyt's website and he is the closest we have seen. I also hope that he gets the part for this mini-series cause no one else will do the job as good as him. To reply to Jim Semple's message I have to disagree with him. I think ,if its done truthfully, that it will we good for Elvis's reputation.
Some of those docu/dramas about Elvis havent been good at all but if done properly it will be ok. Jim Is right in the way that Elvis is a one off but just cause no one can be exactly the same as Elvis is shouldnt mean that these programmes shouldnt be made.If Travis Ledoyt gets the part to play the young Elvis then it will be very watchable.
Remember, these TV programmes about Elvis are mainly for the general publics interest and as long as these things keep being done Elvis will always be in the publics eye.That surely is a good thing.

Just to finish off, a note to Elvisnews.If someone has a link/email added to their message why not just delete that and not the whole message??

ElvisNews: Because it is too much work, and much easier if members just follow the clear rules
Love4Elvis56 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 12, 2004
Invisible because there was a link/email included
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 11, 2004report abuse
I've always thought this project was an awful idea and I haven't changed my mind since. It is simply impossible for anybody to play the part of a young or old Elvis Presley. Elvis as we all know was just a one off and the world will probably never see his like again. All this production is likely to do is grossly exaggerate the mannerisms of Elvis, which has to be expected as they guys are ACTING whereas Elvis was just his natural self. The Elvis life story does not need to be told anymore ! If I was in charge, Id scrap the entire idea and concentrate fully on communication and liasing with Turner to release a 6 DVD Elvis On Tour Special !! Hey its my personal opinion, xmas wishes to you all !
elvishimselvis (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 11, 2004report abuse
Hello To all my Elvis friends! Last summer my wife and I were in Reno Nev. They were having a free concert in front of Harrahs hotel. these free shows usually do not attract very many people. The show was this young guy named Travis Ledoyt. he looked and sounded exactly like the Elvis we all know from Loving You. Elvis second movie. I am very critical when it comes to Elvis impersonators but it was very obvious this man had alot of Elvis inside him. he was so good. he filled in entire place and I myself had could not leave until the show was over. he was that good. I felt like it was the closest to seeing Elvis live in 1957 as it gets. His face and body looked just like Elvis in 1957. he has a website showing him live in concert also.
anyway, Travis auditioned for the new CBS Tv series to begin filming next month. If he gets the part you all may be given the best Biography ever done on Elvis. Let all pray Travis gets this part..
ep1tcb (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 11, 2004report abuse
so many, many, many stories about the king and all the people around him have been told and been seen on the screen. I wonder is there something new to bring to daylight? Is there anything we don't already know about his 42 year lifestory. Even non E-fans know pretty much about him, and most about stories, movies and t.v. series.
So... personally i'd say: no. Despite the cast there may be, i don't need another series about Elvis. Leave it as it is now.
Son Of Mark 64 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 11, 2004report abuse
I hope he does a better job than mr bridges did in the film
Elvis and the colonel. It was awful wonder who will play Elvis ?

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