Raised On Rock

Sandi Pichon is working on a book titled "Raised On Rock". She is a fan who met Elvis lots of times and the book details the parallels of her life with Elvis' life, the concerts and Vegas shows she attended, becoming friends with the Memphis Mafia, and how Elvis changed as he became ill. The songs he sang, the clothes he wore, his hysterical sense of humor and the heartbreak of his death. The book will contain 40 pages of unpublished photo's, both concerts and candids, from Sandi, Dorothy Campbell, Keith Alverson, George Hill and Joyce Biddie Hulsey. A few photos have been published on websites. The foreword was written by Kathy Westmoreland. She is currently looking for a publisher through her agent, so there is no publicationdate yet.
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the colonel (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 17, 2007report abuse
mrs pichons claims that she met ELVIS are just that claims , she has not one photo to back up these claims, and yet she has photos of her and charlie, vernon etc..., it seems her new book elvis on tour 75 is a disaster as many websites and fan clubs have sent their copies back to her , most of the photos are unflattering to say the least , and her first book was a total diaster , as the publisher was suspect of her stories of countless meeting of her and ELVIS and she couldn't come up with one photo , she claimed that she lost the photos due to hurricane katrina, she has proven to be a liar.

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