Radio Recorders Celebrates Elvis

This year the new ‘Radio Recorders’ celebrates 50 years of Elvis Presley by making Elvis, the studio’s Number 1 artist of all time. In this famous recording studio, Elvis Presley recorded more songs here than in any other recording establishment during his career. The studio built in 1929 for RCA Records and became ‘Radio Recorder’s in 1932 has had a phenomenal history of recordings by international artists. Elvis Presley recordings in this historical studio show no less that 18 complete movie soundtracks, his second LP titled ‘Elvis’ along with his first Christmas and Gospel Recordings. Classics such as ‘Jailhouse Rock, King Creole, and Teddy Bear’ are just the few of Elvis milestones that were recorded in this studio situated in Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood, CA. This year the studio finally got back its original name of ‘Radio Recorders’ and has since discovered a concrete tablet engraved by Elvis in 1957 when the street walk outside the studio was paved. It now houses inside. As part of this years 50 year celebrations, a new Elvis remix, simply and appropriately titled ‘Born To Rock’ was recorded and mixed at the rebirth studio of ‘Radio Recorders’ by producer Joseph Pirzada, who was responsible for last years ‘Rubberneckin (Groove Mix)’ which was an on-line hit among Elvis fans. It is understood that the new remix is a rework of a song Elvis originally recorded there in 1963. It is the first Elvis related project in the studio since Elvis last recorded there in 1966 during the early ‘Double Trouble’ soundtrack sessions. There has been no official confirmation of any release date, if any, to the new hard rock remix.
Source: The Elvis Express / Updated: Jul 2, 2004 
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Johnny 99 (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 3, 2004report abuse
If Joseph is involved with this new remix, it should be good! I enjoyed his remix of Rubberneckin the best of all the releases. Too bad Graceland can't get behind this project.

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