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Again ElvisNews.com and BMG Nederland offer you a chance to win a copy of (hopefully, since it is about time Elvis has another #1 hit) the next UK #1 single "Good Luck Charm" this week. All you have to do is tell us which writers the both sides have in common. The quiz is closed. The winner of our 10th quiz is: Diedrik, congratulations! The answer was "It's Now Or Never" and "In Your Arms". One lucky person who enters one of the quizzes over all 17 consecutive weeks from January 3 to April 25, will win the complete CD-singles box. If you can’t wait that long, you can order the complete sets on CD or vinyl using the links below.
Updated: Mar 13, 2005 
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Only Elvis (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 17, 2005report abuse
Hi everyone, this is for Junemadis, I just wanted to let you know that I too had trouble finding the first few cd's but I have been quite lucky since Wooden Heart came out, I found them at HMV, have you tried there? I have several copies of Wooden Heart on cd and vinyl and I have been fortunate enough to collect each one since. I still don't have All Shook Up, (with the collector's box), Jailhouse Rock, Are You Lonesome Tonight? or It's Now or Never. I am still hopeful I will be able to get them. The problem now is that they are already distributing the unnumbered ones and I don't think they should have put them out til the numbered ones are finished. So just look out if you see lots of them in one place, they most likely won't be numbered! But try HMV or Virgin, you may have some luck there! Or there is always eBay! Happy Hunting and Good Luck!
junemadis (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 14, 2005report abuse
What a great idea was my first thought when they announced the re-issue of the Elvis singles on CD, that was until i found out that finding one is like finding the gold at the end of the rainbow. In the town where i live there are only 2 shops selling them, Asda and Woolworths, each of them get 3 copies and when they are gone they are gone.
Out of the ones that have been released i have managed to get my hands on only 2, what a dissapointment. Why is it each store only gets an allocation of 3, because i am sure that where i live with a population of about 25k there are more than 6 Elvis fans. Anyone know?

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