Quiz Result Press Conferences, Volume 2

This time it looks we had a pretty difficult question, since only 45% of the submissions was correct. The right answer to the question “When did Elvis sign the official contract with the International Hotel” was answer b, April 15, 1969. The keyword was “official”, which brought some of the contenders in trouble it seems. Most of the wrong answers gave February 19 as the date, but in February (and not on the 19th, but the 26th), Elvis only did the “publicity gig” at the construction site of the hotel. December 19, 1968 was also a “popular wrong answer”. On that date the Colonel accepted the gig, but Elvis didn’t sign yet. July 31, 1969 was also answered a few times, but that was “just” opening night. Anyway we draw 3 winners out of the right answers and we’d like to congratulate John, Victor and Paul with the CD.
Updated: Feb 22, 2003 

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