Not less than 87% of the voters thought that it was about time the FTD Top 40 got a new number one (Elvis Is Back!).

Our new poll is about the Belgian statue Manneke Pis: a statue with a jumpsuit is ridiculous.

Updated: Aug 5, 2011 
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burton (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2011report abuse
Are they taking the Pis?
mergirl (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2011report abuse
Dressing the Manneken Pis in an Elvis jumpsuit is not a new thing. I lived in Brussels between 1978 - 1982 and I have a picture taken during that time of it wearing a jumpsuit. I will try and find it and post to the fb site.

Take it for what it is, a tribute. Here is some further information:
His wardrobe consists of several hundred different costumes, many of which may be viewed in a permanent exhibition inside the City Museum, located in the Grand Place, immediately opposite the Town Hall. The costumes are managed by the non-profit association The Friends of Manneken-Pis, who review hundreds of designs submitted each year, and select a small number to be produced and used.
Brian Quinn (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2011report abuse
Personally I think it is a great tribute, especially during Elvis Week.
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2011report abuse
It would have been difficult for Bill Belew to design the suit for this statue, he has been dead for over three years.
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2011report abuse
By the way, did Bill Belew especially design the outfit for Manneke Pis? And will it be featured in the new FTD book?..

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