Our return should be celebrated with a new quickpoll. Are you really glad we're back?

The result of our last quickpoll about the vanishing of Madison is pretty clear: 71% thinks it is a loss they're gone.

Updated: May 12, 2009 
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Kenneth (profilecontact) wrote on May 14, 2009report abuse
How could anybody vote no? amazing, why don't you Losers who voted this way just stay away and let the the rest of us enjoy this most excellent Elvis site. what i wan't to really say about these people could not be printed. welcome back Elvis News.
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on May 14, 2009report abuse
Now we know who voted no. Those who voted no should take the consequences of their voting and stop visiting or openly state NO. Than we can skip their comments if we don't do it yet.
Jerome-the-third (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2009report abuse
I was so desperate- I started making my own Elvis news. here are some newsflashes:
- get Hot Shots and Cool Clips vol. 5 for free by closing a mortgage
- Elvis themed scootmobiles on the market
- new budget releases
- Elvis duet with John Travolta in the making..
FJE (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2009report abuse
Are you kidding? I didn't miss my wife as much when she visited her relatives in Australia for 8 weeks!! Wonder who the 6% are. Cliff Richard or Beatles fans maybe?!
Theo (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2009report abuse
Me too. Checked every lunch break to see if you were back online again.
lamp light (profilecontact) wrote on May 12, 2009report abuse
I for one am very glad you are back.

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