QuickPoll: The Duet With Celine Dion Must Be Released

The previous QuickPoll was as boring as the product. 90% of the voters thinks "Hot Shots And Cool Clips, Volume 2" wasn't that hot or cool at all. The new questions seems to live more: "The duet with Celine Dion must be released!"
Updated: Apr 27, 2007 
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June (profilecontact) wrote on May 5, 2007report abuse
Please, release me.......................
Theo (profilecontact) wrote on May 2, 2007report abuse
I've voted yes! Because of the enormous exposure this song could very well top the charts (and in more countries than just the US). I doubt it will be released, though. I think it's great the way they produced the clip, but i must agree with Paul Reno: Celine doesn't give 100%. She is very restrained and subdued and only in the finale of the song shows some feelings, while Elvis is so into the song and really sings his guts out, from the start to the very end! Well, I guess this proves once agian there's only one king.
Joe Carr (profilecontact) wrote on May 2, 2007report abuse
Lets face it, Celion does have a great voice, but that being said, what separated Elvis from the pack, was not just his incredible talent, but the emotion he put into performances, especially this song! I can't picture somebody smiling when singing this song, now granted in Celion's defense, Elvis sang IICD dream during turbulent times, thus I'm sure it meant more to him.
paisley (profilecontact) wrote on May 1, 2007report abuse
Elvis sang his heart out on "If I can dream"- it had soul, it had drama, it had everything. He put all his passion in this song and into the meaning of it. I think no one will doubt that. But when I see this "duet", I can´t help but feel that Celine Dion doesn´t get it. When I saw Elvis perform this song for the very first time, I really could feel his compassion and his deepest feelings. When I listen to Dion, it just makes me sad. A very good song, a real over-the-top performance by our man, but a very, very bland performance by Celine Dion. So don´t put that on CD- it just wouldn´t do justice to Elvis, his vision and his legacy.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 29, 2007report abuse
With several forums buzzing all about this topic can anyone deny this will not be hit if released? Of course it will. The world hasnt been talking about Elvis this much in years. You can say all you want but exposure to a mass audience with the right song, video, etc is all it takes to put Elvis back on top of the charts. A remix or even a duets album is a very good idea at this point for the general public.
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 29, 2007report abuse
Superb, superb, superb!!! This is wonderful promotion for our hero to get him to a younger audience. We need this!!!! Can you image how many people have seen this show??? Very good marketing in my opinion.
EspenK (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 29, 2007report abuse
Uhm... Excuse me Charles, but if you think American Idol is how you get to be an artist today, then you have to get out of your TV sofa and check out your local clubs and concert stages. How many American Idol artists has had any success after the TV show? 6, maybe 7? How many of them will last as artists for more than three albums? Maybe one, but probably none. Now, how many new artists are released, every year, in the US alone? Thousands. Where did they come from? American Idol wants to create the illusion that they ARE the music business, but don't believe the hype.
MR61 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 28, 2007report abuse
Rubbish just one word sorry Rubbish who needs this not me Elvis yes Celine no. Whats the fasination with pop idol any way this year this last year a trip to graceland leave it alone people give me a break.
ep3577 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 28, 2007report abuse
This was a show stopper, Both Elvis and Celine were Great!!, This should be released as a DVD and CD. Celines Vocals are Excellent! No One could have done better period.
FLY-TROUBLE! (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 28, 2007report abuse
The Duet With Celine Dion Must Be Erased!
Brian Quinn (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 28, 2007report abuse
The 'If I Can Dream' Duet with Celine Dion is excellent and should be released as a single. Unfortunately, according to EPE, this is not going to happen. It appears that the only fly in the ointment with the Elvis legacy at present is with Sony BMG. There does not appear to be any creative thinking taking place there apart from the FTD releases. No major record upgrades since January 2004. No good major label releases since '30 No.1's and '2nd To None' and no person in charge of the Elvis Catalogue since Joe DiMuro left the label last year. If only Bob Sillerman would buy Elvis' Catalogue from Sony BMG then I am sure things would improve drastically.
Paul Reno (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 28, 2007report abuse
If I Can Dream was never meant to be a duet and the version with Celine doesn't seem to work. Elvis tremendous vocals and inspirational performance was just that. Celine doesn't give 100% on an amazing song or sing with any true feelings. They should have used another song that would have lent itself to a duet.
Rev. Gerhard (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 28, 2007report abuse
I think it should be a CD with two songs. The one is "Don't Cry Daddy" with Lisa-Marie, the other the new one with the wonderful Celine. No EPE, this could not be a favour, that you would do for us. No, we are the best fans in the world. And you owe us this. We are feeding you. Not you make Elvis big, no, only the fans do this. It will come the time that some real fans will lead EPE. And so many things that you have published and have not published will be repared
Deke Rivers 6 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 28, 2007report abuse
This is really very good, the only problem I see that Elvis never look's at Celine for obvious reason's that he recorded it alone on stage, but for all that, it's good.
old shep (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 28, 2007report abuse
Yes release it, this time EPE must get pressure put upon them from fan clubs and the thousands of other individuals who log on to the various Elvis sites.If the Elvis organization is really interested in doing something positive to keep Elvis at the top instead of tarnishing his image with talking heads and a plethora of other garbage. Now is the time!
snyper (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 28, 2007report abuse
I was a sceptic at first about this "duet" And I HATE American Idol, but I loved the video and song. I think it needs to be released. If for no other reason than to show the younger generation what real singer and entertainer looks like! Long Live Elvis!!
byebye (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 28, 2007report abuse
I think it´s a wise decision. Visually it´s over the top, but soundwise I hope something stronger, more innovative and fresh lies ahead as a remix/duet single. A perfect "appetizer" though..
thenexte (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 27, 2007report abuse
Actually the duet *has* already been released. It's available exclusively exclusively on iTunes (as a video download) for a limited time only. All proceeds will go to the Charity Projects Entertainment Fund.
Charles (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 27, 2007report abuse
Anything that keeps Elvis in the limelight is worth releasing. As was stated some of the rubbish that is released now, unknowns suddenly becoming one hit wonders. Why do promoters and managers not get out and about and see people starting in the clubs and working hard instead of just getting on TV Idols shows and if you have the looks your in, able to sign or not.
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 27, 2007report abuse
why not? considering all the crap that's been released recently this duet is worthy of a release. Although I wouldn't buy it (nothing of Celine Dion) I think the overall public appreciates it

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