Priscilla To Sue Over Affair Claims?

Priscilla (Presley) is reportedly considering legal action over claims she had an affair with acclaimed photographer Terry O'Neil. New audio book "When The Beatles Met Elvis" (see our review), by British journalist Chris Hutchins, alleges Presley enjoyed a secret romance with the celebrity snapper after she split from the rock 'n' roll legend in the early 1970s. Hutchins, who set up the famous first meeting between Presley and The Beatles in 1965, is baffled by the 60-year-old actress' denial. He says, "I was told, by the same source that told me and informed me that Elvis was dead an hour before the news was officially released in 1977, that Priscilla is talking to her lawyers about my audio book. "I can't think why. Terry O'Neill was very frank with me and very explicit when he told me about the affair which happened after he met her in a shop she was running in Los Angeles." And O'Neill, who was once married to actress Faye Dunaway, insists the claims are true. He says, "I was in a store and there was this cute girl with a beautiful face. It turned out to be Priscilla. "She had a great body but I didn't like the way she dressed. Dressing badly once is all right but not all the time."
Source: Google / Updated: Oct 10, 2005 
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CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 12, 2005report abuse
Right on Priscilla, Go ahead and SUE the sheet out of that crap-arse CHRIS HUTCHIN. He sure deserves it.
Sean Ryan (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 10, 2005report abuse
I thought it was the colonel who set up the meetings between the beatles and elvis.chris hutchins might have organised it but not set it up. hutchins has always put down elvis in a negative way and i hope priscilla does sue and is successful.i spoke to him years ago about the meetings and it was obvious how much he disliked elvis.

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