Presley's Jewellery Of Love On Display

Elvis's very own 'partner' cross is to be displayed in public for the very first time, having only recently come to light. From 10am on Valentine's Day this unique item of jewellery is on view at Fingerprints of Elvis at Albert Dock, Liverpool. Courtesy of an anonymous collector - with perfect timing - this highly individual golden 'partner' cross is now on loan to Fingerprints of Elvis. The collector has insured the piece for £1million, but in reality it is absolutely priceless. Elvis and Priscilla Presley were the world's golden couple ­ for a while. Their relationship was always volatile and when it finally broke up they each kept their cross: a love token, which Elvis had designed and made to symbolise his everlasting love for her. It also accentuated his strong spiritual side. The cross was perhaps the closest material item to Elvis' heart ­ one of just two crosses he had made for Priscilla and himself. Even after their traumatic break-up the 'King' always treasured his cross and kept it close by his side ­ he couldn't bear to be parted from it. He must have gained some comfort for his broken heart from it in the difficult latter days of his life. The crosses were designed and made as a pair during a period when Priscilla and Elvis were estranged and, when they were reconciled, he gave her the very special gift as a commemoration of their newly found love. The yellow gold cross, created in a baroque type style, is designed to hang from a chain. The cross has a delicate swirling pattern gathered around a simple crucifix held at its centre by a delicate, golden ball. There will be a special display for this newest item to be exhibited at Fingerprints of Elvis in Liverpool.
Source: Fingerprints Of Elvis / Updated: Feb 9, 2004 
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