Preliminary Cover Art On Tour Rehearsals

Here is a working version of the cover art of the Follow That Dream release "On Tour - The Rehearsals" we found on the Danish Elvis Unlimited site. The release was originally planed for January 2005, but FTD have decided to let the fans have it before Christmas (release date December 20th).
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Nov 16, 2004 
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Erlend the Norwegian (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 19, 2004report abuse
COOL cover! The best in a long time. Looks informal but professional (unlike Closing Night. say no more). It is refreshingly different (and a bit in style with the Nashville Marathon CD). Perhaps there is place for a picture of all the musicians inside? I hope they enlarge the font inside the cover a bit, because it sometimes seems like FTD are in the competition "the CD with the smallest fonts on unreadable backgrounds". I think they won, and I can imagine it is hard to read also for those who need glasses. Thankyouverymuch FTD. Keep up the good work!
Ged (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 17, 2004report abuse
I'm so looking forward to this CD, however I'm slightly disappointed with the cover; people want to see the King's Face. Give us a better mug shot please! Whatever the cover, I can't wait!
Girl Happy (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 17, 2004report abuse
I really like that cover because it looks a lot like the one for the 3cd box for "That's the way it is Special Edition".
Ahmet (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 17, 2004report abuse
Great cover and great picture. But BMG annoncued before 'How Great Thou Art' rehearsal version and i cant see HGTA track list...
Gladyslove (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 17, 2004report abuse
I long for this realese. But this cover is not relly o.k. The cover should be like the one on THE NASHVILLE MARATHON, with all the great musicians with El. Or a better shot of the man himself. I think they will change the cover.
BigRedGG (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 17, 2004report abuse
I like the picture, but agree that the ELVIS ON TOUR is a little too large!! Looking forward to the CD but please please give us all the On Tour material on DVD SOON!
Pedro (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 16, 2004report abuse
well, i guess, you could easely leave it as it is. a picture like this supports the informal unofficial caracter of rehearsals. you could even go with a black and white shot. flipside could get one with the crew and the man himself on it as jb gude sugested earlier...the tracks are quiet nice, will there be kind of a general public 3cd box? missing the gospel section of the earlier anouncement.
jb gude (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 16, 2004report abuse
Not bad - but then the final cover almost never looks like the final cover.Yes the typeface seems a bit large; maybe we should have a pic to include all the group like " Nashville Marathon".
Shark (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 16, 2004report abuse
Not too good! FTD seem to be goin for some strange designs these days...the typeface is too large and its hardly an impressive shot of Elvis is it? I'm sure it'll change though - it always does! But, that said - its the tunes we're after!!

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